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Skellefteå, Ayone in this form?
Just moved here since a week
1 Masood_007 1,244 25.Jul.2015
By: AnthonyKiv…
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English as a Second language in Lulea
looking for english classes
5 Max.z 1,742 24.Jul.2015
By: Dustinka
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Finnish/Arabic in Timrå/Sundsvall!
Studying Swedish and I have minor questions!  * 12
20 Frii 7,183 24.Jul.2015
By: Dustinka
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Jobs in Umeå - Advice?
Fluent in English, basic Swedish ability.
2 Winterwolf… 3,110 23.Jul.2015
By: MichaelOre…
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Temporary job for an English speaking student
Whilst I'm learning Swedish.  * 12
19 Leylu 17,300 22.Jul.2015
By: MurrayKaxy
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Chasing the sun
Events and stuff for the longest days
8 chinde01 1,153 20.Jul.2015
By: Donaldoa
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Looking for 4 dental assistants
For Northern Sweden
0 Tussan 1,324 20.Jul.2015
By: Donaldoa
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English speakers in Luleå
Photo of last nights group  * 12
17 pacfactor 9,332 19.Jul.2015
By: DallasPa
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Sami village near Umeå?
Living in Umeå, looking for Sami Area
3 w i l l 1,858 14.Jul.2015
By: Edwardlag
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English in östersund
Anyone want to meet up.  * 1234
46 lawoodster 19,350 31.Mar.2015
By: Turnipnswe…
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Volunteer in Sweden
elderly care
3 volunteer1… 1,885 1.Feb.2015
By: volunteer1…
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English Speakers in Harnosand
Suggestions required
0 fh246 1,272 21.Jan.2015
By: fh246
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Any Brits Live In Wilderness Locations In Sweden?
UK to remote, rural, wild Sweden
1 Cherylopto… 1,508 14.Nov.2014
By: cherrybubb…
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People from UK in Umeå
Moving to Umeå soon  * 12
19 Jamma0406 8,520 14.Nov.2014
By: yractualpa…
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English shop in Umeå
Curious about peoples thoughts!
6 sarjoh 2,229 14.Nov.2014
By: Cherylopto…
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Hej : Anyone in Luleå ?
Some questions about living in that area
1 Lingonberr… 1,945 24.Oct.2014
By: dengstefan…
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Info on Sundsvall ...
Living and working
1 Dublinpaul 1,592 11.Sep.2014
By: DuneSunny
No New Posts 1 Frii 1,598 31.Aug.2014
By: trumanshow
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Life in Lulea
Share your experience  * 12
25 Beatochka 19,608 22.Aug.2014
By: jasmith
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CCNA echnician searching for work in Umeå
job seeker searching for advice or contacts.
1 LM1975 1,559 18.Jul.2014
By: LM1975
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Buying a small holiday home
Duplicate thread, check the one already replied to
4 leeds 2,121 28.Jun.2014
By: englishpia…
No New Posts 2 ashraf_mam… 2,780 6.Jun.2014
By: Somebody
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My Kusin, Gavlebocken.
Will he make it through???
8 Gamla Häl… 2,694 22.Dec.2013
By: Hisingen
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Accomodation in Umea
Looking for a place to rent
1 Squex 2,046 30.Nov.2013
By: jim747
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Mobile coverage in Sudsvall
Do I HAVE to get Telia?
4 Tyrell 3,364 1.Oct.2013
By: bollstabru…
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Foreign credit card acceptance in Umeå
Places that take MasterCard, Amex, etc.
14 Furu 16,323 13.Sep.2013
By: Hisingen
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South Africans living in Umeå
Any others here? Want to meet up?  * 12
25 elma 14,140 3.Sep.2013
By: Bella3579
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Campervan in -30?
Living sort of outside in Umeå
8 w i l l 4,464 22.Jun.2013
By: w i l l
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Jobs in Luleå for non-Swedish speakers
Advice on what work is available  * 12
20 swedenlule… 19,824 22.Jun.2013
By: w i l l
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Just moved to Luleå - Questions!
A few?s about life in Lulea  * 12
20 nakedkatze 9,017 24.Jan.2013
By: John.Smith
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