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Help: Nordea or Handelsbanken?
Need help choosing a bank in Sweden.  * 123
33 DanielC 9,481 17.Apr.2014
By: Hallander
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Transfer money to Sweden
What is the best service or bank
1 anden_k 326 12.Apr.2014
By: trumanshow
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Tax advice for a freelancing photographer
How to start, taxation, claims, forms
8 MikeManala… 722 8.Apr.2014
By: skogsbo
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Just received my tempory visa
What are my tax liabilities
1 Runciter2 275 1.Apr.2014
By: kokoko
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Swedish Price Comparison Websites
The bills keep on coming...
8 MrHappy7 12,607 4.Mar.2014
By: Emelie79
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Best home contents insurance
Recommended providers
3 Donut 1,337 28.Feb.2014
By: LLHope
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Buying - Selling apartment short term
Best way for mortgage and tax
11 swedenflx 1,203 27.Feb.2014
By: swedenflx
No New Posts 1 AnnTornkvi… 516 25.Feb.2014
By: AnnTornkvi…
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Minimum amount for opening bank account
Is initial deposit required?
2 starseeker 493 22.Feb.2014
By: trumanshow
No New Posts 4 Runesmith 1,019 3.Feb.2014
By: skogsbo
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Private pension vs saving account
How do you save money for future pension?
3 Alex29 723 1.Feb.2014
By: Alex29
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Small Investment Ideas
Advise needed
14 Student_St… 3,699 1.Feb.2014
By: gamezoman
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Financial gifts from family
Money from UK parents to us in Sweden
1 hoodrat 330 20.Jan.2014
By: Simonb
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Taxes on importing a car into Sweden
How much to expect for import duty and VAT
7 Mairaj 8,353 18.Jan.2014
By: tvaillanco…
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Bank loan tips for housing
How to get more :)
2 local_in_o… 822 16.Jan.2014
By: axiom
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Filing an FBAR for Americans?
I am so new to this...
7 SeattleLov… 1,449 14.Jan.2014
By: cogito
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Americans Can't Receive a Swedish Pension?
I was just told aboout this  * 12
20 SeattleLov… 2,469 14.Jan.2014
By: cogito
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Banks / ID Number
Which banks don't require a Swedish ID number
6 w i l l 1,447 13.Jan.2014
By: hoodrat
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Quick mortgage question
salary multiples
7 hoodrat 1,138 9.Jan.2014
By: davin81
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Bank account without person number
And a couple of other questions...
3 hoodrat 917 8.Jan.2014
By: hoodrat
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Rodhus Ownership, Inheritance tax
Make spouse become partner in Rodhus
3 Ymail 560 5.Jan.2014
By: gplusa
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financial advice requested
recommendations for accountant or other sources
0 skyeinsver… 355 6.Dec.2013
By: skyeinsver…
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Cashing or depositing U.S. checks in Sweden
How to do this, which banks offer the service
7 ysurf 3,842 3.Dec.2013
By: blueowl00
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Creating smart phone apps
Do I set up a company?
0 __Peter__ 450 20.Nov.2013
By: __Peter__
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Foreign Currency Exchange
Best rates through Forex or the banks?
5 aussie2504 3,408 9.Nov.2013
By: Thomas88
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Best way to transfer GB Pounds to Swedish Krona
For best exchange rates/lowest charges  * 12
17 The_ Froog 8,401 8.Nov.2013
By: Thomas88
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Wire transfers to the US
What bank code numbers to use  * 123
31 Kbeck36369 18,687 8.Nov.2013
By: Thomas88
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Need a Nordea account for tax refun
Those are the only options...
5 SeattleLov… 1,611 5.Nov.2013
By: Hisingen
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The Apex Way: Careers
International management consulting.
1 mirragewhi… 556 25.Oct.2013
By: Lata
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UK National Insurance / Basic state pension
Are voluntary contributions in my interest?
1 Nucifraga 634 22.Oct.2013
By: Essingen
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