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Anyone who just got interviewed recently?
Waiting time for Resident visa
11 urgello 607 Today, 14:56
By: misspatien…
No New Posts 11 raghu_g 473 Today, 11:24
By: urgello
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Waiting time 07/04/2015
Moving to someone in sweden  * 12
21 Anas141 2,474 Yesterday, 14:47
By: Scratchmyi…
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Still waiting citizenship
Anyone our there still for dicision?
7 Favor 569 Yesterday, 6:50
By: Dedee
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A decision has been made
On the MV website
8 confusedin… 549 27.May.2015
By: confusedin…
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Citizenship processing time
have you got your decision?
6 ppgo 1,052 26.May.2015
By: peter81
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New to all of this.
How does it work?
3 usajohn61 278 26.May.2015
By: mjennin2
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Waiting time after interview?
How long have you been told?
9 Tdauria1 500 25.May.2015
By: Tdauria1
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One with a twist!
The classic Right or Residence vs Personal Number  * 12
17 Brigitteis… 779 25.May.2015
By: skogsbo
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Apply visa for my mother
With my work permit visa
4 dungle 402 22.May.2015
By: dungle
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Some tricky questions
Norway and Sweden
1 confusedin… 204 22.May.2015
By: Case offic…
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work permit extension
salary slips
3 malek1 249 21.May.2015
By: littleviki…
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Comprehensive health insurance
Which one do you use?
3 Brigitteis… 251 21.May.2015
By: magg
No New Posts 0 rss38 119 20.May.2015
By: rss38
No New Posts 7 IvanDraga 488 18.May.2015
By: LLHope
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citizenship waiting time
migration board website
12 luckylefty… 1,294 12.May.2015
By: Favor
No New Posts 0 Xeeeqi 273 11.May.2015
By: Xeeeqi
No New Posts 16 jess21 2,106 11.May.2015
By: andy_sh32
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Can I leave Sweden while my application is in?
Australian spousal visa question
0 ralbs 227 11.May.2015
By: ralbs
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Should I be concerned?
resident permit interview...
3 confusedin… 635 8.May.2015
By: Applecore
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entertainment/ events company
work permit process
0 luckylefty… 187 7.May.2015
By: luckylefty…
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Weird scenario, where do I stand?
help with my situation required
2 hoodrat 898 6.May.2015
By: LLHope
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Taking non-paid vacation and time towards PUT
Will it be counted for PUT?
1 Alex29 375 5.May.2015
By: Case offic…
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specail method to get the work premit
need your advice if this will work to receive visa  * 12
25 andy_sh32 1,277 25.Apr.2015
By: andy_sh32
No New Posts 4 misspatien… 583 24.Apr.2015
By: misspatien…
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Non EU student travelling with in Schengen region
Visa application in waiting period
2 serenity44… 337 24.Apr.2015
By: good_luck_…
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Study permit extension
based on master thesis completion
2 maliheh369 317 24.Apr.2015
By: good_luck_…
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change in status
from student to dependent
1 14_2_62 250 23.Apr.2015
By: good_luck_…
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Question about UT card and interview in US
how long does it take to get it??
5 iamapillow 420 22.Apr.2015
By: Case offic…
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Waiting for Residence Card - Spouse of EU citizen
No way to speed up the process?  * 12
23 jeffreyc 3,624 22.Apr.2015
By: jeffreyc
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