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Will I be deported if I am reported by my employer
employer complaints deport employees
2 doforumda 88 Today, 10:52
By: doforumda
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Uploading documents in sambo application
when filling the application PDF
4 matthew.jr… 686 Today, 10:36
By: Sira
No New Posts 4 AnRodVel 118 Today, 8:13
By: AnRodVel
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What bridging visa am I currently on?
Living in Sweden, waiting for sambo visa
3 soosern 661 Yesterday, 18:21
By: lillamy
No New Posts 9 CBDZ 415 3.Sep.2015
By: jude jude
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Gf from Montenegro non-EU wants to move to Sweden
to a nonpermanent-uppehållsrätt permit spanish guy  * 12
17 magmyr01 538 3.Sep.2015
By: magmyr01
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Sambo visa benefits/rights
Where are the rights under the visa stated??
1 pebbletots 116 3.Sep.2015
By: Applecore
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Visiting a friend visa refused
What proof should I attach?  * 123» 5
63 ab_warlock 7,556 2.Sep.2015
By: Case offic…
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Visa/Permit/Citizenship Support Group
A quarantine for those of us losing our minds  * 123
43 mjennin2 5,323 2.Sep.2015
By: Sira
No New Posts 20 Mrrod 910 1.Sep.2015
By: Hisingen
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Swedish Immigration Law
.. in English a bonus!
6 andrewvs 370 31.Aug.2015
By: mjennin2
No New Posts 8 pebbletots 346 31.Aug.2015
By: mjennin2
No New Posts 5 jude jude 473 31.Aug.2015
By: urgello
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Citizenship Online Result
How long until you receive the official letter?
7 poohbabe 469 31.Aug.2015
By: poohbabe
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Decision Pending without Interview?
Can I visit my partner in Sweden?
8 emptywithu 407 28.Aug.2015
By: theswedes
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My experience with Migrationsverket
UT - PUT - Citizenship
3 vor12 495 25.Aug.2015
By: friendonly…
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Question re: Request for More Information
What to provide when timeline is unknown?
3 schwa 251 25.Aug.2015
By: urgello
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UT extention and no answer
1 year 8 months have passed, should I worry?
5 Mrrod 363 24.Aug.2015
By: axiom
No New Posts 6 teknism 1,718 23.Aug.2015
By: Mrrod
No New Posts 15 CBDZ 2,367 23.Aug.2015
By: Mrrod
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Work permits while in Sweden and few complications
Immediate start of work possible? Visa status?
9 Alnas 379 22.Aug.2015
By: Case offic…
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British citizen, need advice re: residence permit.
Not sure where else to turn for help.
1 joe.och.em… 159 22.Aug.2015
By: molntuss
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Sambo Visa Need Advice
Still waiting for the interview
9 yolo94 1,422 21.Aug.2015
By: molntuss
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Give up on permit
travel to home country
8 astorpsgat… 598 20.Aug.2015
By: potatismos
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Questions about the Sambo permit.
Waiting on interview email.
2 Princess C… 525 20.Aug.2015
By: Pilgrimage
No New Posts 8 asdf12315 1,848 20.Aug.2015
By: Pilgrimage
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Still waiting citizenship
Anyone our there still for dicision?  * 123
38 Favor 7,197 19.Aug.2015
By: keturah
No New Posts 1 CBDZ 409 18.Aug.2015
By: curiousity
No New Posts 1 epow02 617 18.Aug.2015
By: Na-Sh
No New Posts 4 Ratatoskr 633 16.Aug.2015
By: good_luck_…
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