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Sambo Visa- Move to Amsterdam?
Benefits of the Visa
3 daviano7 200 Yesterday, 20:34
By: LLHope
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Reset time before getting new Schengen Visa
Number of day must be outside of the Schengen Area
4 dungle 465 Yesterday, 15:15
By: urgello
No New Posts 77 alyacoob 14,468 Yesterday, 10:43
By: Gamla Häl…
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LGBT and residency by marriage
Yuor input and experiance wanted!
8 datas 345 2.Mar.2015
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Interview waiting time
Waiting time for interview
8 larry44 853 2.Mar.2015
By: Swe_Bailey…
No New Posts 2 good_luck_… 276 28.Feb.2015
By: LLHope
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Non-eu Student seeking working permit
How hard is it to get a work visa?
4 hatake_kor… 256 28.Feb.2015
By: zq3200
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Waiting for Residence Card - Spouse of EU citizen
No way to speed up the process?
14 jeffreyc 1,298 27.Feb.2015
By: good_luck_…
No New Posts 88 licabal 19,775 27.Feb.2015
By: Sey78
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How to answer this questions? (Citizenship)
in the application process
13 ppgo 472 26.Feb.2015
By: Hisingen
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What bridging visa am I currently on?
Living in Sweden, waiting for sambo visa
2 soosern 277 24.Feb.2015
By: KennedyR
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Beslutsklass: what they mean
X, CO (or C0), and CR
2 wallace183… 269 24.Feb.2015
By: wallace183…
No New Posts 11 amusing ar… 499 23.Feb.2015
By: Marmi
No New Posts 12 mjennin2 1,517 23.Feb.2015
By: Flicka_15
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Residence permit waiting time
Jeopardising working situation
0 michsimon 232 21.Feb.2015
By: michsimon
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Sambo Visa waiting time will count or not
Does anyone know about waiting time matter
1 MKB007 305 20.Feb.2015
By: axiom
No New Posts 31 cab23 5,424 20.Feb.2015
By: know your …
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sambo visum väntetid räknas eller inte
Vänligen om du har information
1 MKB007 160 19.Feb.2015
By: ChocOwl
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Student Visa Appeal got rejected
applying for work permit, advice needed
0 zq3200 169 19.Feb.2015
By: zq3200
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Passport expire while with MV for Citizenship
Please i need help Caseofficer
3 Favor 371 18.Feb.2015
By: eldabagh
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Citizenship boring waitng
Any experience
2 Favor 368 13.Feb.2015
By: Favor
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Need immigration lawyer referal
Need Legal Advice Before Making Major Decision
1 ronikal 261 13.Feb.2015
By: friendonly…
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update on our case!
email to book an interview!
4 confusedin… 358 13.Feb.2015
By: 9icee
No New Posts 1 samkati 510 11.Feb.2015
By: marylasn
No New Posts 1 teknism 492 11.Feb.2015
By: teknism
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Permanent Residence Time count
visa time counting
1 teknism 526 11.Feb.2015
By: teknism
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Citizenship processing time
please some help  * 12
15 coolfellat… 1,584 11.Feb.2015
By: dave.smith
No New Posts 0 capricious 178 7.Feb.2015
By: capricious
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Union Opinion Query
Union refrains from commenting?
2 sravantib 287 4.Feb.2015
By: LLHope
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Visiting a friend visa refused
What proof should I attach?  * 123» 5
62 ab_warlock 4,141 4.Feb.2015
By: Applecore
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