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No New Posts 320 Alex29 34,815 Today, 17:58
By: lagavulin
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Children born in Sweden
Parents who are non-EU citizens
13 zara.kh199… 1,175 Today, 8:14
By: Swedex
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Applications for Swedish citizenship
Share your experience!  * 123» 6
87 HiSweden 11,185 Yesterday, 16:12
By: bunny_s
No New Posts
Work to Study
Sweden from Poland
3 mahi aslam 139 Yesterday, 15:39
By: Swedex
No New Posts
Moving from UK to Sweden
The drama of getting there
2 hudson0804 345 Yesterday, 15:15
By: skogsbo
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missing 3 out 4 insurances
for the first 6 month of my work permit period  * 12
15 strawberry… 1,118 28.Aug.2016
By: maksmaks
No New Posts
Good conduct - not clear?
Citizenship requirements
7 HiSweden 314 26.Aug.2016
By: yet anothe…
No New Posts
New work permit requirement ,
Insurance details
3 Nick89 187 26.Aug.2016
By: hatim
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Estimated waiting times
How correct are they?  * 12
21 bvraju20 1,577 23.Aug.2016
No New Posts
Travelling to UK
Travel for non-EU with spouse (Swedish citizen)
10 good_luck_… 451 22.Aug.2016
By: good_luck_…
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Who needs to wait most time?
in order to get a decission from MV
7 the_dome 579 20.Aug.2016
By: hatim
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Terrified I messed up a work visa req. - plz help!
Previous employer didn't provide insurance...
6 Settar33 534 20.Aug.2016
By: hatim
No New Posts 8 Rocky road 597 16.Aug.2016
By: JohnCera
No New Posts
Work visa application times
and expiration date?
9 Viska 661 16.Aug.2016
By: dr_MadGeek
No New Posts
Visa to Canada
Processing of canada permit  * 12
18 luckylefty 5,467 13.Aug.2016
By: Sötsaker
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How long have you been waiting for the decision
Starting from application date  * 123» 49
734 CBDZ 115,129 11.Aug.2016
By: SaadN
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Been outside of Sweden for long periods of time
Applying for citizenship after being away
3 nightryder… 351 7.Aug.2016
By: Opalnera
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If I get a work visa and my husband comes with me
does he need to get a work visa to work?
3 Viska 275 5.Aug.2016
By: Viska
No New Posts
When will MV reduce waiting times
..or they changed their minds
4 the_dome 434 3.Aug.2016
By: hatim
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Waiting Time Statistics for Study
Residence Permit for Study
14 Hamedhhh 1,680 2.Aug.2016
By: Lux_ME
No New Posts
Work visa or residence permit
Married to Nordic Citizen
3 fanireis 387 31.Jul.2016
By: hatim
No New Posts
WP - job change
need information
4 ressag 340 30.Jul.2016
By: hatim
No New Posts
Swedish citizenship / Time abroad
When does the year starts/ends?
3 HiSweden 619 30.Jul.2016
By: hatim
No New Posts
Dependent VISA - Study/Work
information needed
1 ressag 317 30.Jul.2016
By: kaysweet
No New Posts
Period of habitual residence
how to count time out of swede
1 hatim 275 28.Jul.2016
By: HiSweden
No New Posts
Swedish citizenship inquiry
Should I apply three months ahead of time
9 efigenio 1,619 28.Jul.2016
By: efigenio
No New Posts 10 Eugeni 838 27.Jul.2016
By: LLHope
No New Posts
Apply For Tourist Visa
While Dependent Work Permit Is Already In Progress
3 dheeraj198… 451 21.Jul.2016
By: maji905
No New Posts 6 bvraju20 708 18.Jul.2016
By: bvraju20
No New Posts 15 good_luck_… 1,543 18.Jul.2016
By: good_luck_…
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