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No New Posts 1 gibrilnjie… 201 Today, 15:29
By: sudhakar00…
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Citizenship application that is already sent
Migation Board started working on my case  * 12
15 m2hm 810 Today, 15:25
By: sudhakar00…
No New Posts
Permit to move to Someone in sweden
submit documents to show intend to move to sweden  * 12
20 umers 1,041 Today, 8:52
By: bluefan
No New Posts 0 Baz74 110 Yesterday, 19:57
By: Baz74
No New Posts 0 matthew.jr… 177 19.Nov.2014
By: matthew.jr…
No New Posts
Case officer, Can you help me?
base on citizenship application
4 ppgo 484 18.Nov.2014
By: kokoko
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Residence permit to move to a spouse
Spouse Visa and Work Permit
2 prem.jiiti… 171 18.Nov.2014
By: kokoko
No New Posts
current wait time for a work permit?
today was the 15th business day since application
0 geometree 136 17.Nov.2014
By: geometree
No New Posts
Work permit Unit
Which unit is faster
0 Ayra29 150 13.Nov.2014
By: Ayra29
No New Posts
Permit in Sweden from an EU citizen
Sources of income in Sweden  * 12
19 Zed senpai 702 13.Nov.2014
By: LLHope
No New Posts 1 marlowe999 202 11.Nov.2014
By: friendonly…
No New Posts
Study Visa Extension rejected and Appeal in Court
Can I apply for Self Employed Residence Permit
9 MImran 2,221 10.Nov.2014
By: kväll.eve…
No New Posts
Residence permit valid for?
Within what time do we have to enter Sweden?
0 philiplike… 148 10.Nov.2014
By: philiplike…
No New Posts
Two weird questions
on Sambo visa
3 NataBee 373 9.Nov.2014
By: NataBee
No New Posts
Change of nationality INFO
How to do that?
1 rosellina8… 201 9.Nov.2014
By: Alex29
No New Posts 2 Farfalla95… 309 9.Nov.2014
By: cherrybubb…
No New Posts
EU citizen having to much contradicting info
looking for some clarification
2 littleviki… 203 7.Nov.2014
By: littleviki…
No New Posts
Which way really faster?
If you applied online or by papers pls let us know
1 matthew.jr… 181 7.Nov.2014
By: Violantte
No New Posts
Lies about papper application
which one is correct
3 lissiered 263 7.Nov.2014
By: matthew.jr…
No New Posts
The consequences of geting paied of doing
something other that what you work permit for?
1 sidkth 172 7.Nov.2014
By: sidkth
No New Posts
Duration of stay & PR
Case Officer's suggestion required
2 Avi123 242 7.Nov.2014
By: Avi123
No New Posts
Uppehållstillstånd/ residence permit
Finally got my letter from migrationsverket  * 12
25 JamesPotte… 4,929 6.Nov.2014
By: cherrybubb…
No New Posts
online application for Work Permit Extention
if employer cant apply online..can you....
0 itzme097 97 5.Nov.2014
By: itzme097
No New Posts 61 licabal 13,729 4.Nov.2014
By: Ayra29
No New Posts
Sambo Visa Requirements
Do i have to stay in Sweden for all the 2years
7 TONYRICHPR… 395 4.Nov.2014
By: Laurelia
No New Posts
Applying Samboo so soon
I need advices
5 matthew.jr… 284 4.Nov.2014
By: rachel.nz
No New Posts
Extending 2-year sambo visa
Question about "travel outside Sweden"
5 rachel.nz 313 4.Nov.2014
By: Midvinterb…
No New Posts
two refuse for married couple
looking for soluations
8 lost in pr… 601 3.Nov.2014
By: lost in pr…
No New Posts
If i have to send previous expired passport to MV
base on citizenship application(for case officer)
7 ppgo 372 3.Nov.2014
By: ppgo
No New Posts
Decision Making on sambo
How is been done..
0 blizz 163 1.Nov.2014
By: blizz
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