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Visa/Permit/Citizenship Support Group
A quarantine for those of us losing our minds  * 123» 11
156 mjennin2 17,173 Today, 15:12
By: mjennin2
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How long have you been waiting for the decision
Starting from application date  * 123» 23
333 CBDZ 29,307 Today, 1:28
By: mjennin2
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Staying beyond 90 days - options?
Tourist extension or Visitor permit
2 JYH 160 Yesterday, 13:41
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Provide proof of intention to move to Sweden
What proof can I provide when none exists?
8 leids 288 Yesterday, 9:52
By: Panini
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HELP met a new sambo before I have my PUT
broke up but met someone new,I dont have PUT thoug
11 meiguijiar… 356 Yesterday, 8:05
By: meiguijiar…
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Citizenship processing time
Current waiting times  * 123» 5
69 livet 15,430 24.Nov.2015
By: kusben
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Citizenship processing time
Second time send back passport  * 12
28 ppgo 1,980 24.Nov.2015
By: Castor
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Dublin rules expert needed
Help me to find solution  * 12
16 yoyo 387 24.Nov.2015
By: Case offic…
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Residence permit waiting time
Jeopardising working situation
3 michsimon 1,147 23.Nov.2015
By: mjennin2
No New Posts 3 orandaxi 138 23.Nov.2015
By: mjennin2
No New Posts 6 zuri 664 22.Nov.2015
By: Azdak
No New Posts 21 adamg35 1,815 19.Nov.2015
By: dumpling_m…
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Personal number and Health Insurance Help Please
No S1. Where can we get suitable Health Insurance
3 todthedog 178 19.Nov.2015
By: todthedog
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Qualifications for common-law spouse
Common law spouse of an EU national (non-Swedish)
14 spncrw 377 18.Nov.2015
By: spncrw
No New Posts 9 TheETrain 267 17.Nov.2015
By: mjennin2
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Is Migrationsverket right or wrong
Work Permit for Trainees  * 12
17 CBDZ 1,060 17.Nov.2015
By: LuciSabe
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Starting barbershop in sweden self employed
Self employed waiting on decision
4 Teddyboygr… 231 17.Nov.2015
By: LLHope
No New Posts 3 zuri 184 16.Nov.2015
By: zuri
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non EU, sambo visa, both have a job
who should be in the otherone's applicatin
9 Rami_m 372 16.Nov.2015
By: mjennin2
No New Posts 19 ann29 6,075 15.Nov.2015
By: iamcherieb…
No New Posts 0 fredrick 183 14.Nov.2015
By: fredrick
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PUT/Work permit extension
Waiting time?  * 12
22 omerkay 819 12.Nov.2015
By: Alex29
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Everybody write your application date here
We can calculate long waiting times and decisions
4 benz 446 11.Nov.2015
By: Bellav
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Processing Times have changed
resident permits  * 123
39 theswedes 4,774 9.Nov.2015
By: khan
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waiting for the decision MVDomstol
application date in end of August
5 ranaanjum 866 9.Nov.2015
By: khan
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Sambo Visa / Moving to Someone in Sweden / 2015
Waiting Times and Other Information.
6 ahaKatelin 848 9.Nov.2015
By: khan
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Can Degree Certificates stand for Documents.
Asking about Citizenship of Sweden.
3 Dalmar 293 8.Nov.2015
By: LLHope
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Lost my Swedish personal number
or can i avoid using this id number
13 ItsMia 783 6.Nov.2015
By: Hisingen
No New Posts 7 taylaevers… 415 5.Nov.2015
By: lans44
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Are this truly Refugees ?
is Europe so blind?  * 12
16 lans44 1,543 5.Nov.2015
By: lans44
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