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Swedish residence card
Residence card with co-ordination number
12 AbbuAS 269 Today, 20:00
By: AbbuAS
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Anyone applied for Swedish citizenship recently
Application and processing time  * 12
24 dawn77 4,204 20.Aug.2014
By: gplusa
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Employer does not provide offer of employment
to extend residence permit after 4 years
8 Alex29 285 19.Aug.2014
By: Alex29
No New Posts 50 licabal 9,505 19.Aug.2014
By: bluefan
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Applied online for residency, now what?
Wondering what the next step is.
2 Geoemyda 283 19.Aug.2014
By: thobson101
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register legally in SE
where to go first?
9 köttbulle… 314 17.Aug.2014
By: LLHope
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About limitation on staying in sweden
after staying for 90 days
6 Violantte 262 16.Aug.2014
By: Case offic…
No New Posts 13 oasis9 327 16.Aug.2014
By: Localer
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Help with application for permanent residency
Why don't I have a case officer?
0 taylaevers… 112 16.Aug.2014
By: taylaevers…
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Resident Permit C? Students, Researchers
No Help From Arbetsformedlingen? Step In Jobs
7 garcialevi… 289 14.Aug.2014
By: magg
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Married - EU citizen?
In need of help please.
5 zenthraxer 321 9.Aug.2014
By: Opalnera
No New Posts 12 SverigeFor… 620 9.Aug.2014
By: LLHope
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Sambo visa advices!
My bf is a Swedish student
2 diana.gord… 226 8.Aug.2014
By: magg
No New Posts 5 Samlakater 344 7.Aug.2014
By: Samlakater
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Job in Copenhagen
Help please
2 Desi9212 217 6.Aug.2014
By: LLHope
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Entering Sweden with decision letter
granted visa extension
2 toyo 269 5.Aug.2014
By: Alex29
No New Posts 5 Swedenidol 349 4.Aug.2014
By: axiom
No New Posts 3 emz12 348 29.Jul.2014
By: Palc
No New Posts 6 smackaroos… 388 27.Jul.2014
By: smackaroos…
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visa legal tourisme
Help please
6 togetherst… 410 25.Jul.2014
By: Case offic…
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No more torturing waiting accepted by Immigrants
In Sweden asylum seekers have more benefits than  * 123» 5
72 Swedenidol 4,267 20.Jul.2014
By: deaftoned
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EU citizens: No need to register
right of residence as of 1 May
0 Sjölejone… 424 19.Jul.2014
By: Sjölejone…
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Enskild näringsidkare Sole Trader
Self Employment visa Issue for NON EU citizen
1 Tinas 265 18.Jul.2014
By: igu_swe
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Marrying a Swedish/Danish Citizen
Visa Issue :Please help
1 asinha63 336 18.Jul.2014
By: LLHope
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Temporary work in Sweden for non-EU consultant
Which work permit should I apply?
2 fruitpicke… 402 17.Jul.2014
By: fruitpicke…
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Applying for PUT
work permit expires 2 months before 4 years
1 StarTravel… 287 17.Jul.2014
By: friendonly…
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Asylum for parents from the Eastern Ukraine
Is it possible to invite my parents here?  * 12
15 pabon 736 16.Jul.2014
By: Cheeseroll…
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Marriage in sweden
should always get positive
0 lost in pr… 313 14.Jul.2014
By: lost in pr…
No New Posts 2 swetips 456 11.Jul.2014
By: Westport
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Divorce and VISA
impact on my PR  * 12
21 Swati 1,325 9.Jul.2014
By: wondering_…
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