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Waiting times - migrationsverket
Case officer & waiting time  * 12
20 bvraju20 1,022 Today, 14:30
By: bvraju20
No New Posts 3 ali ahmed 129 Today, 11:43
By: ChocOwl
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Asked for PUT after 4 years
I need a precise reply
1 Messenger 162 Today, 10:28
By: 9xm
No New Posts 221 Alex29 22,065 Today, 9:43
By: jdavin81
No New Posts 31 goodguy 892 Today, 1:57
By: goodguy
No New Posts 5 wallace183… 366 24.Jun.2016
By: Messenger
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Changing permit status
work permit to residence permit
0 zxcvbnm 96 22.Jun.2016
By: zxcvbnm
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Applications for Swedish citizenship
Share your experience!  * 123
33 HiSweden 3,377 21.Jun.2016
By: JohnCera
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Sambo Visa / Moving to Someone in Sweden / 2015
Waiting Times and Other Information.
7 ahaKatelin 2,118 21.Jun.2016
By: Cenk
No New Posts 9 bosse 557 21.Jun.2016
By: moodyb
No New Posts 0 kiru619 94 20.Jun.2016
By: kiru619
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Effect of previous job on present workvis extensin
need help...New work permit extension rules
14 kanna 669 20.Jun.2016
By: somethingn…
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Waiting Time Statistics for Study
Residence Permit for Study
1 Hamedhhh 151 19.Jun.2016
By: Hamedhhh
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Appeal? Rejection on citizenship for phd time
due to not expressed intention to settle  * 12
28 orcfairy 3,084 19.Jun.2016
By: anasri
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Swedish citizenship / Time abroad
When does the year starts/ends?
2 HiSweden 159 17.Jun.2016
By: axiom
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Change to Sambo from Working Holiday
advice and tips needed
3 csl 149 17.Jun.2016
By: puttyDig
No New Posts 3 wallace183… 334 16.Jun.2016
By: Mzungu
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Residence permit to seek employment
Have completed a master degree in Sweden
4 waterxu 261 14.Jun.2016
By: waterxu
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Work permit extension
certified proof of insurance
5 wallace183… 291 14.Jun.2016
By: wallace183…
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Work permit suggestion
02 Employers consideration
0 burj 129 14.Jun.2016
By: burj
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Wife's residence visa and questionare
Documents that need to be attached
13 omerkay1 535 13.Jun.2016
By: pasi10
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Interview at the migration office
I have a few questions
2 jess21 279 13.Jun.2016
By: Scottish
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Applications for Swedish citizenship
citizenship waiting time
9 jenko 559 9.Jun.2016
By: jenko
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Children born in Sweden
Parents who are non-EU citizens
3 zara.kh199… 496 9.Jun.2016
By: zara.kh199…
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Work permit issues
Change of work under same employer
7 Nabid 516 8.Jun.2016
By: maji905
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How long have you been waiting for the decision
Starting from application date  * 123» 48
709 CBDZ 105,356 8.Jun.2016
By: TheETrain
No New Posts 4 nits.bikra… 350 8.Jun.2016
By: wondering_…
No New Posts 13 Mistress_O… 596 3.Jun.2016
By: Mistress_O…
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PUT Sweden - rights to work in other EU countries?
Specifically for Norway and/or Denmark
8 jabba 490 31.May.2016
By: Case offic…
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Counting habitual residence
hemvisttid count
1 HiSweden 381 31.May.2016
By: HiSweden
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