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Around the world
curious as to where everyone is applying from.  * 123
38 Saps2015 1,397 Today, 7:33
By: doroswazzy
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How long have you been waiting for the decision
Starting from application date  * 123» 7
99 CBDZ 7,607 Today, 5:28
By: mjennin2
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Waiting time for paper extension applications
work permit ext after 48 months
2 Alex29 100 Yesterday, 13:22
By: Alex29
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Citizenship processing time
Current waiting times  * 123» 5
67 livet 14,063 Yesterday, 10:47
By: aliraza.ji…
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Visa/Permit/Citizenship Support Group
A quarantine for those of us losing our minds  * 123» 7
96 mjennin2 10,545 11.Oct.2015
By: mjennin2
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Processing Times have changed
resident permits  * 12
27 theswedes 2,272 11.Oct.2015
By: ZZBarry
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HELP Immig. Laws dont let me be with my boyfriend
We have a huge problem, please help
6 Immigratio… 599 10.Oct.2015
By: wombatsauc…
No New Posts 1 J2_o 116 9.Oct.2015
By: mjennin2
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visa(sambo) and Law!
Sambo visa application and law.
4 dmstlr1002 300 9.Oct.2015
By: Bellav
No New Posts 90 licabal 26,722 7.Oct.2015
By: doroswazzy
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work permit (reduces salary)
if salary is lower than offered
4 swiss 255 7.Oct.2015
By: swiss
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some queries about work permits
work permit time and family members permit  * 12
20 andy_sh32 775 7.Oct.2015
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Residence permit for wife
Apply abroad or in Sweden?
5 sailor 356 6.Oct.2015
By: wombatsauc…
No New Posts 20 luckylefty 1,230 5.Oct.2015
By: luckylefty
No New Posts 26 ppgo 1,847 5.Oct.2015
By: Donaldwill…
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Another citizenship application based on sambo
Should I stay or Should I go  * 12
15 Donaldwill… 697 5.Oct.2015
By: Applecore
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Have you recently moved to Sweden for love?
(or are in the process of moving)
1 Luckyday 157 4.Oct.2015
By: Laurelia
No New Posts 2 Viking 498 1.Oct.2015
By: julorn
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citizenship question for application
lowest class application what does it mean
9 luckylefty 749 1.Oct.2015
By: teknism
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work permit extension
why its taking long time
3 malek1 417 28.Sep.2015
By: LaLa200
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work permit help
terms of employment changed
1 swiss 168 28.Sep.2015
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Enormous long waiting time for resdine permit
Violation of the EU Directive
13 good_luck_… 999 27.Sep.2015
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Citizenship time in Sweden
Working people with PR
6 New citize… 517 24.Sep.2015
By: oralish
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Sambo visa question
previously overstayed a visa in other country
8 xenxen 544 23.Sep.2015
By: mjennin2
No New Posts 0 dumpling_m… 153 21.Sep.2015
By: dumpling_m…
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Help applying for a work permit from within Sweden
Please make sure I'm not missing anything!
0 Settar3 180 20.Sep.2015
By: Settar3
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Tips for sambo-visa?
Please share your tips or stories  * 12
18 Lamora 1,088 19.Sep.2015
By: Hisingen
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Residence permit applicants
destination in sweden
10 lebanese-9… 580 18.Sep.2015
By: dkaff
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Sambo visa REALLY needs a priority
Moving To Someone In Sweden
14 Pilgrimage 809 17.Sep.2015
By: Hisingen
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Still waiting citizenship
Anyone our there still for dicision?  * 123
43 Favor 8,229 17.Sep.2015
By: mjennin2
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