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Permanent Residence Time count
visa time counting
0 teknism 67 Today, 14:08
By: teknism
No New Posts 0 teknism 58 Today, 13:58
By: teknism
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Extension after 4 years
Does employer need to do it?
5 treatynow 387 Yesterday, 23:33
By: Case offic…
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Work Permit Length
What is the max given?
2 timsam 126 25.Jan.2015
By: timsam
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Waiting for Residence Card - Spouse of EU citizen
No way to speed up the process?
11 jeffreyc 657 24.Jan.2015
By: jeffreyc
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The difference between salary and stipend
for Permanent Residence Application
0 Jackielinc… 111 24.Jan.2015
By: Jackielinc…
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Resident permit in Sweden for NON EU
Informations needded please !  * 12
21 Specialone 936 24.Jan.2015
By: mshoaib840…
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Citizenship processing time
please some help
8 coolfellat… 404 23.Jan.2015
By: coolfellat…
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Family permit extension
Some confusion
4 stockholm.… 432 22.Jan.2015
By: stockholm.…
No New Posts 0 samkati 133 22.Jan.2015
By: samkati
No New Posts 83 licabal 17,802 22.Jan.2015
By: mjennin2
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Applying for Work Permit while in Sweden
Converting from Spouse visa to my own visa
3 sravantib 230 21.Jan.2015
By: sravantib
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current wait time for a work permit?
today was the 15th business day since application
3 geometree 633 21.Jan.2015
By: geometree
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Change working holiday visa to sambo visa
Need help with some questions
0 feberdanse… 108 21.Jan.2015
By: feberdanse…
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Relocate to Sweden
Please I need help
8 Sarah_800 530 21.Jan.2015
By: Gamla Häl…
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Sambo Visa Need Advice
Still waiting for the interview
5 yolo94 467 20.Jan.2015
By: urgello
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i extended my residence permit
can i travel in the mean time?
1 paradoxir 210 19.Jan.2015
By: littleviki…
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Can I Cross EU Borders?
Does Resident Permit allow me to cross borders?
3 timsam 285 18.Jan.2015
By: axiom
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Residence Card or Residence Permit?
Information needed please!
6 Aristide1 673 18.Jan.2015
By: good_luck_…
No New Posts 9 mjennin2 574 16.Jan.2015
By: Flicka_15
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Self-employment permit - almost declined
A warning letter from migrationsverket
4 potatismos 472 15.Jan.2015
By: tym05
No New Posts 8 Meryb 575 14.Jan.2015
By: mjennin2
No New Posts 0 nike-girl 298 13.Jan.2015
By: nike-girl
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Visiting a friend visa refused
What proof should I attach?  * 1234
46 ab_warlock 1,616 13.Jan.2015
By: LLHope
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Forcing to cancel work permit on quitting the job
Can the employer ask to cancel the permit?
2 kickstarte… 207 13.Jan.2015
By: LLHope
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traveling to sweden
Work related question
1 confusedin… 184 10.Jan.2015
By: littleviki…
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PUT application, spent 5 months out of sweden
question regarding application for PUT
3 luubella 349 10.Jan.2015
By: urgello
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two refuse for married couple
looking for soluations
11 lost in pr… 1,366 10.Jan.2015
By: urgello
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EU - family ties permit question
Confused and need advice!
3 Kandykane 225 8.Jan.2015
By: Kandykane
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resident permit for work and citizenship
self-employed business vs. regular work permit
2 as22kk 324 7.Jan.2015
By: aynsof
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