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No New Posts 19 xneoist 6,707 3.Apr.2014
By: homeriscoo…
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The REAL caveman diet
Research shows ancient man mainly ate tiger nuts
4 Gamla Häl… 1,053 12.Jan.2014
By: Gamla Häl…
No New Posts
Indian Food: Chapati lovers
Whole wheat flour in Sweden.
8 ashvr2002 1,640 7.Jan.2014
By: gshail
No New Posts
Where to buy in Uppsala?
Rose nail and Indian spices and groceries
8 nyag 3,977 7.Jan.2014
By: gshail
No New Posts
Buying British food
from a UK outlet
5 Hisingen 1,195 21.Dec.2013
By: sandiec
No New Posts
What is your most favorite swedish dish?
We're interested to learn a recipe or two from you
6 jocelynpan… 1,521 17.Dec.2013
By: mragsdale4…
No New Posts
Looking for bloggers to translate
New mediterranean gastronomy blog
3 esade71 1,395 12.Dec.2013
By: Shadi M
No New Posts
Thai food in Sweden
Sad but true😢
5 Sirihs 1,099 29.Nov.2013
By: Rick Methv…
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Adobo- Filipino Recipe
Delicious recipe which is from the Philippinese.
5 ganoderma7 2,686 29.Nov.2013
By: jocelynpan…
No New Posts
Sugar Free Pudding Mix
Looking for alternatives here in Sweden
10 Whale 1,847 26.Nov.2013
By: jesse_fox0…
No New Posts
Where to find Mexican food
Looking for stores  * 12
16 Paulis 4,325 15.Nov.2013
By: david_smit…
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American production of well know Swedish delicacy!
Sweden volunteers needed to help with process!
11 Gamla Häl… 1,616 12.Oct.2013
By: Lata
No New Posts
Tacos in Sweden
Swedish Tex-mex?  * 12
20 eurobloke 3,980 19.Sep.2013
By: emk5071
No New Posts
Would that be ham or bacon?
Will this start a new ammunition control flameout?
7 Gamla Häl… 1,577 24.Jun.2013
By: Gamla Häl…
No New Posts
An alternative on the menu
To avoid a scandal
2 Hisingen 778 23.May.2013
By: Gamla Häl…
No New Posts
Shepherd's Pie in Stockhom
Not necessarily british restaurants
3 gowtzmoto 2,013 7.May.2013
By: Hamsterdam
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Himalayan Rock Salt
Anyone know of a supplier?
14 sandiec 2,731 16.Mar.2013
By: johnjohn
No New Posts
Meat balls - versus - Swedish Meat balls
What is the difference?  * 123
36 byke 9,347 4.Mar.2013
By: Gamla Häl…
No New Posts
Today its PANCAKE DAY!
Whats your topping vice?  * 1234
46 byke 4,787 12.Feb.2013
By: Beavis
No New Posts
Spiralizer for zucchini pasta
Got one and don't want it?
2 roch 1,266 17.Jan.2013
By: Pursuivant
No New Posts
The "what did you have for dinner this evening" ?
Inspiration through everyday eating habits  * 123» 11
150 byke 14,668 8.Jan.2013
By: AW1
No New Posts
The drink: Julmust
Shortage in the London
1 eurobloke 1,093 23.Dec.2012
By: Johno
No New Posts
I love Cooking/baking!
But I can't read Swedish! Help
9 Crazy.Lee 2,002 6.Dec.2012
By: Svensksmit…
No New Posts 8 stephanie9… 1,864 3.Nov.2012
By: Kibiri
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British cakes in Stockholm
New cafe opened ... (Heads up)
1 byke 1,376 28.Oct.2012
By: Flutterbye
No New Posts
What candy is this?
I would like a help with the candy name
7 Mikile 1,975 22.Oct.2012
By: wendist
No New Posts
Bubble tea in Stockholm
Finally found some!
6 Shibumi 13,135 22.Oct.2012
By: Shibumi
No New Posts
Today is Sweden's Bulle Day!
Celebrated Culinary delights and diversity
11 byke 1,832 4.Oct.2012
By: Puffin
No New Posts
Whole Wheat Pastry Flour?
Where can I find it?
9 friedrich1… 2,343 3.Oct.2012
By: chazza
No New Posts
Any mango candy in "pick and mix" assortiment?
A question about a potential mango candy
6 Mikile 1,441 27.Sep.2012
By: Mikile
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