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Selling a house ...
Pantbrev and related matters
4 yorkie red… 539 3.Apr.2014
By: yorkie red…
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Problem tenant - eviction?
What grounds can you terminate a rental lease  * 12
15 Opalnera 2,026 27.Mar.2014
By: Gabriel Om…
No New Posts 0 teknism 483 13.Mar.2014
By: teknism
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Labor/Swedish Laws regarding Forced Vacations
Can a MNC but AB in Sweden force summer vatations?  * 12
15 BamBamBige… 2,937 9.Mar.2014
By: hoodrat
No New Posts 0 kayjay3 412 5.Mar.2014
By: kayjay3
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Court and Lawyer fees
Child visitation problem
7 Lanza572 2,507 22.Feb.2014
By: voisbornn
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Lawyer for a will
How do I go about making a will in Sweden
4 willmacdon… 773 13.Feb.2014
By: willmacdon…
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Need Terms & Conditions for Swedish Website
Looking to buy a template in Swedish
4 frank265 885 11.Feb.2014
By: frank265
No New Posts 3 rmaniezo 595 10.Feb.2014
By: Ivor steph…
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Questions, Moving to Sweden (HELP)
He is Danish, I'm Costa Rican
4 Mell15 275 9.Feb.2014
By: LLHope
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Reporting labor violations by my employer
Plus other workplace issues
7 eagleheart 3,729 27.Jan.2014
By: gamezoman
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What to do if you got fired?
after 2 years working for the company
13 Alex29 1,252 7.Jan.2014
By: badkarma
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Consumer Rights Protection
any organization in Sweden for consumer rights?
8 Nabil BD 799 6.Jan.2014
By: Hisingen
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self employed working from home
how long can you stay in Sweden?
1 Lingonberr… 610 3.Jan.2014
By: LLHope
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My labor rights
non-EU worker
0 Alex29 689 21.Dec.2013
By: Alex29
No New Posts 1 ppgo 606 20.Dec.2013
By: Abe L
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Exporting clothing to Norway
EU, EAA Legal & Tax Implications
4 Jules 1,948 11.Dec.2013
By: Mahafuzur …
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Student visa extension rejected & appealing
Urgently need advices on how to appeal. Thanks!!
4 Seelu 799 6.Dec.2013
By: Seelu
No New Posts 2 tommylonn 838 9.Nov.2013
By: Hisingen
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Some questions about the Sweden Legal System
After divorce moving children
5 studylawNe… 1,575 26.Oct.2013
By: Lata
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Child Support Amount
Are there guidlines Max-Min?  * 12
20 Lanza572 3,007 5.Oct.2013
By: Lanza572
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Think before buying a Swedish leasehold
Or the complete trampling over of the individual
9 pietboels 1,475 26.Sep.2013
By: Bender B R…
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Moving to Sweden as selfemployed
Start to run business
6 AhmedHelmy 1,922 26.Sep.2013
By: AgeOfReaso…
No New Posts 6 omerkay 1,591 23.Sep.2013
By: omerkay
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Hate speech law?
Even my lawyer friends can't agree  * 1234
54 dave.smith 4,268 20.Sep.2013
By: Seamus Sea…
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Inheritance of property
Irish siblings rights on Swedish property
7 oOjimOo 1,722 31.Aug.2013
By: gplusa
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UC confusion! need help
Anyone can explain what does it mean?
6 itzme097 1,528 30.Aug.2013
By: axiom
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Denied Child support in Denmark
Working in Copenhagen and living Malmö
4 De Walker 1,210 29.Aug.2013
By: Localer
No New Posts 18 DavidDanma… 3,473 1.Aug.2013
By: DavidDanma…
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An Issue with Skatt (moms claim)
Moms return when importing
3 moradeghba… 1,185 22.Jul.2013
By: skogsbo
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