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No New Posts 0 AnT1on 55 21.Feb.2017
By: AnT1on
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Bartender in Stockholm
avarage salary
6 BeSpa 257 20.Feb.2017
By: BeSpa
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Physiotherapy types of jobs
private or state controlled
2 abbones 127 19.Feb.2017
By: yet anothe…
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American lady looking for a job
Experienced in Video, Film and ESL teaching
1 MKLioness 94 16.Feb.2017
By: intrepidfo…
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American lady looking for a job
Experienced in Video, Film and ESL teaching
0 MKLioness 98 15.Feb.2017
By: MKLioness
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Asking to learn a job
for educational purposes
1 DonnaGs 164 9.Feb.2017
By: riemann
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Part time jobs
study visa from india to sweden
0 raycoolray… 300 29.Jan.2017
By: raycoolray…
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Machinist/maskinist CV på svenska
Professional cv help
0 SGRMFG 285 29.Jan.2017
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About Pension Fund
Please inform :)
8 marcusberk 1,028 24.Jan.2017
By: yet anothe…
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Final interview suggestions
Salary negotiation  * 12
17 Cenk 5,335 15.Jan.2017
By: DarkoGjako…
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Need a carpenter / wood technician in Malmö
Could anyone suggest a shop?
0 nvardaxis 871 17.Dec.2016
By: nvardaxis
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Looking for a job in Stockholm!
Young girl looking for a job
1 nadiia96 1,509 15.Dec.2016
By: sofia.m.l
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Current waiting time for PN?
Has anyone received one recently?
8 gse1986 1,320 14.Dec.2016
By: gse1986
No New Posts 101 airplanes 39,725 4.Dec.2016
By: Fluffer
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What are my chances of getting a job offer?
Mechanical Engineering graduate looking for work
0 sams13 1,262 1.Dec.2016
By: sams13
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Interview and assessment
Mercuri Urval interview experience
5 kararha 1,478 30.Nov.2016
By: hatim
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Looking for a job
full-time or part-time
6 Bou3li 2,283 26.Nov.2016
By: Bsmith
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question about employment
please read :)
0 caringfair… 1,271 14.Nov.2016
By: caringfair…
No New Posts 0 andyrey 1,466 5.Nov.2016
By: andyrey
No New Posts 1 peter 1,364 2.Nov.2016
By: Cheeseroll…
No New Posts 3 From India 1,489 25.Oct.2016
By: hatim
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Do you have a personnummer ?
Why this question during a job interview ?
3 cherif 1,869 22.Oct.2016
By: Hisingen
No New Posts 0 Savage 1,598 4.Oct.2016
By: Savage
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Becoming a Pharmacy Technician in Sweden
Newly arrived in Sweden and no idea what to do now
0 hanmaltkvi… 1,498 3.Oct.2016
By: hanmaltkvi…
No New Posts 0 ivy_lee 1,302 14.Sep.2016
By: ivy_lee
No New Posts 2 Leviosa 1,920 10.Sep.2016
By: Laurelia
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Kitchen jobs (Job seeker)
Looking for a job
0 Rokas 1,573 7.Sep.2016
By: Rokas
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Sound Designer/Artist/Journalist or Communication
Related looking for job and tips, Tack för svaret.
0 mayamontuf… 1,496 1.Sep.2016
By: mayamontuf…
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Looking for job
job in Sweden
7 Grigoris M… 2,074 31.Aug.2016
By: Grigoris M…
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Graphic designer and programmer/web developer...
... both looking for jobs or single projects
4 LillaB 4,624 29.Aug.2016
By: MarinaOlen…
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