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Job hunting
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Job Follow-Up Tips?
What to do when your job contact isn't answering.
3 usala 125 27.Jul.2014
By: usala
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Looking for Hair Stylist jobs in Gothenburg
I am English and Chinese Speaker
5 ringo fung 1,275 18.Jul.2014
By: passport-s…
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Finding it hard to get a job.
Help with jobs!!!
6 ChrisWire8… 488 18.Jul.2014
By: clintonfow…
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UK Construction Site Manager 15+ yrs experience
Current job market and prospects
0 Alan74 90 1.Jul.2014
By: Alan74
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27years old Truckdriver (class CE)
Experience in Sweden and Norway
0 Leonlw 250 25.Jun.2014
By: Leonlw
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Freelance Video Editor looking for work in Malmo
Moving from NYC with a lot of experience
1 maxsiegal 359 21.Jun.2014
By: FilmStockh…
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Civil Engineering Stockholm/Västerås.
Newly graduated Civil Engineer looking for work.
0 Point 140 18.Jun.2014
By: Point
No New Posts 81 Corinthian 6,515 10.Jun.2014
By: john_hit_m…
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job contact to call
badly in need of one
5 Jagas umeh 693 10.Jun.2014
By: john_hit_m…
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To get a job for a non-speaking swedish EU person
Young french graduate in strategic communications
3 SebastienP… 748 10.Jun.2014
By: john_hit_m…
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Summer work - student
English business student
9 ironsjack 743 10.Jun.2014
By: john_hit_m…
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Jobs in Gothenburg
No qualifications required  * 12
19 trent5678 962 10.Jun.2014
By: john_hit_m…
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Commissions Pay and Paying Tax
Income earned from side work
2 garcialevi… 198 4.Jun.2014
By: garcialevi…
No New Posts 0 ashraf_mam… 134 4.Jun.2014
By: ashraf_mam…
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Swedish CV Pictures?
Is it common or required?
12 garcialevi… 1,012 4.Jun.2014
By: friendonly…
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Home based bussiness
Clothes & Accessories
0 sandhyaran… 198 3.Jun.2014
By: sandhyaran…
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Basic salary for a student
student employment in the summer
3 hariharasu… 328 29.May.2014
By: Darwinder
No New Posts 4 Dansuth 384 20.May.2014
By: Dansuth
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Looking for graphic design job
graphic design/illustration/game graphic
3 deviolantt… 253 15.May.2014
By: LauraCrist…
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English speaking IT jobs
Finding IT job in Sweden from the US
8 anarchist 576 6.May.2014
By: Sipe
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What was your first job?
Arriving and Surviving
10 akep88 1,399 2.May.2014
By: Solith
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Legal jobs in Stockholm
solicitor in IP / international arbitration
4 sla3clg 477 25.Apr.2014
By: Opalnera
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Web developer job
Backend + Frontend
4 justinasm 573 19.Apr.2014
By: Nightshade
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Minimum mandatory applications when unemployed
regulations unemployment agency in Sweden
4 orangemoon 498 19.Apr.2014
By: Nightshade
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career prospects after graduation in Sweden?
Can I find a job ? Public Health
1 ridge 362 12.Apr.2014
By: magg
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What is going rate for freelance journalism work
Should I charge by hour or assignment?
1 Indressa 345 31.Mar.2014
By: Gordy
No New Posts 4 Amnaaa 921 28.Mar.2014
By: liveandlet…
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Non-eu urology specialist questions life in Sweden
How goes registration/licensing for non eu dr?
1 Brigitteis… 310 27.Mar.2014
By: ChocOwl
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Proffesional Printing Stores
Anyone got any in mind?
0 LauraCrist… 261 18.Mar.2014
By: LauraCrist…
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Job Political Proposal
Can immigrant Jobseekers do something?
2 optimistic… 528 7.Mar.2014
By: optimistic…
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