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Job hunting
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No New Posts 6 timsam 385 16.Dec.2014
By: timsam
No New Posts
Job opportunities / moving to Sweden
French couple wanting to expat.
0 BRAGAsimon 128 10.Dec.2014
By: BRAGAsimon
No New Posts
Freelance Video Editor looking for work in Malmo
Moving from NYC with a lot of experience
3 maxsiegal 1,004 9.Dec.2014
By: maxsiegal
No New Posts 2 aerojobs 177 7.Dec.2014
By: aerojobs
No New Posts
Career opportunities in Finance
accounting professional
0 m0delbehav… 90 4.Dec.2014
By: m0delbehav…
No New Posts 4 ChefDanilo… 234 2.Dec.2014
By: Opalnera
No New Posts
MASSEUSE planing to move to Sweden
looking for a job (Kristianstad)
3 Kruna 268 30.Nov.2014
By: Svensksmit…
No New Posts 2 JMUrban 277 23.Nov.2014
By: JMUrban
No New Posts
What are my job prospects?
MSc Global Health and MBA
1 Sidhu 278 22.Nov.2014
By: enged
No New Posts
Science jobs in Lund
Qualifications needed
0 Pipette 167 8.Nov.2014
By: Pipette
No New Posts
Rude or fairly normal?
So this happened...
5 english123 546 29.Oct.2014
By: yorkie red…
No New Posts 3 flickabell… 495 29.Oct.2014
By: LLHope
No New Posts
Non Swedish speaker, looking for a job
Just something to pay the bills
0 CraigRusse… 356 26.Oct.2014
By: CraigRusse…
No New Posts
Return to Sweden and look for job, in Stockholm
on Sambo visa. And I'm scared.
13 NataBee 739 20.Oct.2014
By: Opalnera
No New Posts
Second Job in Sweden
Finding the first was hard enough
9 usala 1,707 17.Oct.2014
By: Sthlm83
No New Posts 2 Lewis Ibbo 352 15.Oct.2014
By: Barkaby
No New Posts
Doctor's standard in Sweden
Plusses / minusses
13 Medicus 17,205 13.Oct.2014
By: zapbook
No New Posts
Freelance Video Maker looking for job
moving from Italy to Stockholm
1 jordaninth… 210 10.Oct.2014
By: intrepidfo…
No New Posts
How is SAP Job market in Sweden?
SAP jobs in stockholm
0 Madhu.n13 220 8.Oct.2014
By: Madhu.n13
No New Posts
Other post about jobs in english with a Venezuelan
job hunting in Stockholm English or spanish.
0 rbkdelron 223 6.Oct.2014
By: rbkdelron
No New Posts
4 Dental Assistents
For Northern Sweden
2 Tussan 520 24.Sep.2014
By: Tussan
No New Posts
looking for a job
job construction
0 Madars88 239 22.Sep.2014
By: Madars88
No New Posts
Market research professional from Poland
Do i have a chance on swedish job market?
1 Irmina_O 344 21.Sep.2014
By: yorkie red…
No New Posts
Finance Jobs in Sweden
Degree from Finland/Overall availability
0 gphans 201 19.Sep.2014
By: gphans
No New Posts
Possible job advice?
Irish Male looking for construction job
1 james308 399 11.Sep.2014
By: Sipe
No New Posts
22+ Low Current Project Manager
Seeking ICT Project Manager Job advice and comment
1 Elmahmoudy 354 9.Sep.2014
By: deaftoned
No New Posts
fork licence in gotheborg
forklifting training
0 mike222 259 31.Aug.2014
By: mike222
No New Posts
On-Line or Work from Home
Is this an option in Sweden, or?
3 Geoemyda 593 26.Aug.2014
By: ChocOwl
No New Posts
Rates for private tutor?
First time tutoring - what do people charge?
1 Windup Bir… 390 24.Aug.2014
By: ChocOwl
No New Posts
US attorney thinking of moving to Stockholm
Coming over for love, but will I find work?  * 12
15 lianec 2,591 24.Aug.2014
By: Hisingen
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