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Job hunting
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No New Posts 0 Aygnes 57 26.Feb.2015
By: Aygnes
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Job in animal care
vet nurse in animal hospital/ at a vet
1 LisaLisa_f 171 21.Feb.2015
By: littleviki…
No New Posts 0 Sjölejone… 229 18.Feb.2015
By: Sjölejone…
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English speaking IT jobs
Finding IT job in Sweden from the US
9 anarchist 1,257 17.Feb.2015
By: ronikal
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What salary should I expect?
tax ??? How much ?
4 m-chbib 410 16.Feb.2015
By: Hisingen
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IT engineer Job !
Informations needded please !
1 Specialone 235 15.Feb.2015
By: deaftoned
No New Posts 1 ChrisWire8… 174 13.Feb.2015
By: intrepidfo…
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Looking for unskilled job
cleaning, restaurant , shop, kitchen
2 Rasoo 635 7.Feb.2015
By: Discoversw…
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Looking for Job in a Family Owned enterprise,
Jobs in Konditory, and Coffee anywhere in Sweden
0 Discoversw… 130 7.Feb.2015
By: Discoversw…
No New Posts 2 LauraCrist… 349 30.Jan.2015
By: LauraCrist…
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Job opportunities for someone with an MBA?
Suggestions, tips and advice wanted
3 SunIsShini… 374 22.Jan.2015
By: Darwinder
No New Posts 0 fh246 238 21.Jan.2015
By: fh246
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Au Pair looking for job to stay in Sweden
Would like to find english speaking preschool job
0 bumblebree… 243 19.Jan.2015
By: bumblebree…
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Employment - Australian MSc Public Health
How difficult is it to get work in Public Health?
1 Louellamon… 296 16.Jan.2015
By: magg
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Kurs without person nummer- possible?
Personliga assistenter
1 MANOKANO 315 15.Jan.2015
By: littleviki…
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The ideal swedish CV / Resume (for IT)
Suggestions? Is the Jante Law important to follow?  * 123
36 spidernik8… 6,085 14.Jan.2015
By: badkarma
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Executive Recruiter/Headhunter Recommendation
HR/Headhunter/Recruiters in SE/DK
0 zacrodney 498 1.Jan.2015
By: zacrodney
No New Posts 6 timsam 692 16.Dec.2014
By: timsam
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Job opportunities / moving to Sweden
French couple wanting to expat.
0 BRAGAsimon 367 10.Dec.2014
By: BRAGAsimon
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Freelance Video Editor looking for work in Malmo
Moving from NYC with a lot of experience
3 maxsiegal 1,366 9.Dec.2014
By: maxsiegal
No New Posts 2 aerojobs 465 7.Dec.2014
By: aerojobs
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Career opportunities in Finance
accounting professional
0 m0delbehav… 261 4.Dec.2014
By: m0delbehav…
No New Posts 4 ChefDanilo… 585 2.Dec.2014
By: Opalnera
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MASSEUSE planing to move to Sweden
looking for a job (Kristianstad)
3 Kruna 597 30.Nov.2014
By: Svensksmit…
No New Posts 2 JMUrban 507 23.Nov.2014
By: JMUrban
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What are my job prospects?
MSc Global Health and MBA
1 Sidhu 504 22.Nov.2014
By: enged
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Science jobs in Lund
Qualifications needed
0 Pipette 372 8.Nov.2014
By: Pipette
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Rude or fairly normal?
So this happened...
5 english123 863 29.Oct.2014
By: yorkie red…
No New Posts 3 flickabell… 823 29.Oct.2014
By: LLHope
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Non Swedish speaker, looking for a job
Just something to pay the bills
0 CraigRusse… 700 26.Oct.2014
By: CraigRusse…
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