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Job hunting
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No New Posts 2 fh246 1,235 26.Jul.2015
By: bitteredla…
No New Posts 2 maja.slunj… 381 22.Jul.2015
By: Miguelneex
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Former UK bus driver looking for driving jobs here
Me and my husband moved to Malmo because of his wo
3 kathydrive… 864 20.Jul.2015
By: MichaelPl
No New Posts
Where can I find “kollektivavtal”?
Even google can't help me!
2 LKDutch 474 20.Jul.2015
By: MichaelPl
No New Posts 74 airplanes 15,939 20.Jul.2015
By: MichaelPl
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Freelance bartender in stockholm
in need of a little guidance
1 Kalle King 231 15.Jul.2015
By: unkle stru…
No New Posts
Technical workshop and solve the house issue.
solving the housing problems at the same time.
0 Bastiankha… 166 13.Jul.2015
By: Bastiankha…
No New Posts
Moving to Sweden from New Zealand
Advice on job hunting please!
5 TheSwedish… 492 30.Jun.2015
By: TheSwedish…
No New Posts 4 Lewis Ibbo 1,542 29.Jun.2015
By: SerpRankno…
No New Posts
Thinking about having a new life in Sweden
Is it possible for me? help i need guidence
2 saragrandh 408 24.Jun.2015
By: saragrandh
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new facebook group
help for people that are looking for job
0 maja.slunj… 222 23.Jun.2015
By: maja.slunj…
No New Posts 0 stef25 276 19.Jun.2015
By: stef25
No New Posts 8 Dansuth 2,002 9.Jun.2015
By: Dansuth
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IES Enskede or Europa Skolan?
two job offers but which to choose?
0 drossi 318 27.May.2015
By: drossi
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Psychology or nursing jobs?
my plan to study, work, and live in Sweden
2 lovelydove… 632 25.May.2015
By: dogwalker1
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what kind of business can you set up with a 100k
100k dollars for business ?? any suggestions
1 luckylefty… 497 11.May.2015
By: badkarma
No New Posts 0 BaronasR 488 22.Apr.2015
By: BaronasR
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Forskare sökes till IFN
Researchers need to join Institutet för Näringsliv
0 BaronasR 453 22.Apr.2015
By: BaronasR
No New Posts
Job advice needed
New to Sweden
2 Mike-01 815 7.Apr.2015
By: Mike-01
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sharepoint developers needed
location is malmo
0 santabanta 552 4.Apr.2015
By: santabanta
No New Posts 3 kylaandchi… 966 27.Mar.2015
By: LLHope
No New Posts 2 ChrisWire8… 1,010 26.Mar.2015
By: kylaandchi…
No New Posts 0 niteesh 710 20.Mar.2015
By: niteesh
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Executive Recruiter/Headhunter Recommendation
HR/Headhunter/Recruiters in SE/DK
1 zacrodney 1,505 12.Mar.2015
By: alina213
No New Posts
Japanese-speaking job in Stockholm
Does that thing exist
0 delta76 729 12.Mar.2015
By: delta76
No New Posts
Spanish teacher looking for advice
What should I study?
5 egoyan 781 12.Mar.2015
By: magg
No New Posts
Qualified Carpenters Gothenburg
Anyone know some good Carpenters
0 Australian… 578 11.Mar.2015
By: Australian…
No New Posts
hello great Sweden
need an advice here please
3 wolf111 772 9.Mar.2015
By: Hisingen
No New Posts
in need of some practical advice
Professional advance
0 pat1988 726 3.Mar.2015
By: pat1988
No New Posts 0 Aygnes 684 26.Feb.2015
By: Aygnes
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