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Job hunting
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Final interview suggestions
Salary negotiation
0 Cenk 4 Yesterday, 23:49
By: Cenk
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Where can I find “kollektivavtal”?
Even google can't help me!
3 LKDutch 799 Yesterday, 22:17
By: NormanWER
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URGENT NEED of IT job in Stockholm from India
Searching for a English speaking IT job from INDIA
9 ritikakapo… 307 5.Oct.2015
By: nicola4444
No New Posts 60 Scotlandma… 22,811 5.Oct.2015
By: Christof
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Forskare sökes till IFN
Researchers need to join Institutet för Näringsliv
3 BaronasR 786 4.Oct.2015
By: Arthurkl
No New Posts 2 tony 114 2.Oct.2015
By: tony
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Looking for a job in SWEDEN
Video editing and 2D Motiongrapic
2 abudi 386 26.Sep.2015
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Relocation in Sweden,
looking for a sign maker job
1 xristina 135 24.Sep.2015
By: Emerentia
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Job hunting Västmanland or Stockholm
Construction job for englishspeaker
0 Mikeallen 104 17.Sep.2015
By: Mikeallen
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best unemployment insurance freelancers
akassan for self employed
1 missscandi… 174 17.Sep.2015
By: LLHope
No New Posts 0 CBDZ 141 15.Sep.2015
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Dietitian from New York, no knowledge of Swedish
Are there any private practices for expats?
1 random25 195 12.Sep.2015
By: littleviki…
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IT job only with English?
Just considering...
9 xanthippi 1,031 8.Sep.2015
By: merican
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English speaking IT jobs
Finding IT job in Sweden from the US
11 anarchist 2,406 8.Sep.2015
By: merican
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Firefighter coming from the U.S? (Feedback please)
Making this dream of mine become a reality...
12 Triton 418 8.Sep.2015
By: Triton
No New Posts 77 airplanes 18,344 1.Sep.2015
By: magg
No New Posts 0 swedeaway 211 31.Aug.2015
By: swedeaway
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Freelance Video Editor looking for work in Malmo
Moving from NYC with a lot of experience
4 maxsiegal 2,435 18.Aug.2015
By: Slavko Zen…
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Middleware jobs in stockholm
Weblogic and Websphere Application server admins
0 pravead 266 7.Aug.2015
By: pravead
No New Posts 2 fh246 1,694 26.Jul.2015
By: bitteredla…
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Freelance bartender in stockholm
in need of a little guidance
1 Kalle King 586 15.Jul.2015
By: unkle stru…
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Technical workshop and solve the house issue.
solving the housing problems at the same time.
0 Bastiankha… 454 13.Jul.2015
By: Bastiankha…
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Moving to Sweden from New Zealand
Advice on job hunting please!
5 TheSwedish… 968 30.Jun.2015
By: TheSwedish…
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Thinking about having a new life in Sweden
Is it possible for me? help i need guidence
2 saragrandh 1,040 24.Jun.2015
By: saragrandh
No New Posts 0 stef25 734 19.Jun.2015
By: stef25
No New Posts 8 Dansuth 2,805 9.Jun.2015
By: Dansuth
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IES Enskede or Europa Skolan?
two job offers but which to choose?
0 drossi 608 27.May.2015
By: drossi
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Psychology or nursing jobs?
my plan to study, work, and live in Sweden
2 lovelydove… 1,052 25.May.2015
By: dogwalker1
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what kind of business can you set up with a 100k
100k dollars for business ?? any suggestions
1 luckylefty… 811 11.May.2015
By: badkarma
No New Posts 0 BaronasR 769 22.Apr.2015
By: BaronasR
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