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post 23.Oct.2007, 08:11 AM
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We've just started to use Lidl as they opened a branch closer to us.

Their washing power and softener liquid is super. 5.4 kg for 60 kr and does the job. Beats the crazy prices of Ariel etc in Vi and Coop.

They don't have much choice, but most the basics foods your need and a lot cheaper. I also like that their shops are small, takes only 30 minutes to do a monthly shop. In the case of food shopping, a quick in-and-out is best I find ;-)
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post 23.Oct.2007, 11:42 AM
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Jack - wonderful to have rendered you speechless :wink: I guess I didn't clarify myself properly - I think I should have said "name" rather than "brand" as in the butchers will have a name (reputation). Does that make more sense? :?

Cheeseroller - do you find that you can do ALL of your shopping at Lidl, or do you need to go elsewhere to buy some bits? :?
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post 23.Oct.2007, 12:00 PM
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No. The nearest Lidl is in Åkersberga about 15km from Vaxholm where we live. So we try to go the big shopping for frozen meat, tins, cheese, basic bathroom stuff, house cleaning products and washing powder there, but buy veg and milk plus other things we forget in our local Vi (50m from apartment) or Coop (500m).

Vi and Coop have special prices on meat or cheese sometimes, and I may scoop those up. But overall we find that our shopping cart load is 300 to 600:- cheaper. A lot of this is the cleaning products and washing power which are a lot cheaper than our local shops.

Veg, such as paprika and tomatoes were 40:- and 10:- at Lidl this week. 60:- and 20/30:- at Vi. Compared to the Ica superstore in Arninge (20km away) the veg at Lidl seems fresher and less damaged (think Ica may have class 2 veg, i.e. lower quality).

The selection at Lidl is limited, for example I like to cook chinese and didn't see the usual sauces there. But I buy these in a chinese supermarket in Stockholm as they have bigger bottles and are a third of the price in other usual shops. But for the basics, I am impressed with Lidl so far.
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post 23.Oct.2007, 12:19 PM
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there have been rumours of a lidl coming t Umeå... anyone know the gos?
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jack sprat
post 23.Oct.2007, 02:12 PM
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As far as Sweden is concerned I have yet to see a real Butchers shop.I have heard of the odd farmer who sells his own specialised produce at certain times of the year and I believe an English butcher named Taylors has started selling some UK type produce possibly in Gothenburg.
You mention names and brands and the thing is in the UK most Butchers are family firms often with only one shop,the business normally having been in the family for a few generations selling under their own name.
Most are well known and highly respected in their own district only, although there are some that have a number of outlets.
I dont know the reason for the lack of Butchers in Sweden and would appreciate it if anyone can tell me because most other EU countries I travel through seem to have them although the type of produce does vary quite a bit from the UK.
Quite a few people myself included stop of at a Butchers for a mid day snack,big variety of meaty pies and similar things.
Not sure where you are or where you are from so a bit difficult to advise you any further.
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jack sprat
post 23.Oct.2007, 02:15 PM
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Above post in reply to SUNWORLD.
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post 23.Oct.2007, 03:23 PM
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well hello everyone pleased to see quite a few positive things about lidl as i work for them. smile.gif
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post 23.Oct.2007, 03:31 PM
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Wahey, good man!
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post 23.Oct.2007, 03:54 PM
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Welshjohn..Seeing that I am a loyal customer,expect positive postings from you when specials are imminent.

*especially on chocolate and goodis*

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post 23.Oct.2007, 07:24 PM
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Cheeseroller, yeah that is what I would do, too. I don't care where I buy my cleaning stuff, toilet rolls, ice-cream etc., but there are some things that I just prefer to get from somewhere like ICA or Willy's.

Jack - now you mention it, I have never seen any butchers where I am, either (I am in Skåne) - it is strange when you think about it. My partner is a chef, so I will have to ask him where they get their meat from :?
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