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Moving to Malmö soon - whats it like to live?

post 16.Feb.2009, 11:23 AM
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It has been quite a while since I posted here, but finally we are moving to Sweden. A little background first. I have been living and working in Denmark for a couple of years with my Danish wife, but we have always wanted to move over the bridge (actually we have been in west Jylland, so a couple of bridges!) Originally I am of British origin, but haven't lived there for many years. I speak Danish, but not so much swedish yet. Well now my job allows me to pretty much live anywhere in scandinavia, so we are going to base in Malmö. We have been there quite a few times, and last time had a look at a few areas to live. Searches on here have certainly provided a wealth of info on where and where not to go. Cost is not an issue - if the area is right, we will go for it. The favourites right now are Bunkeflostrand and Limhamn. I need to be within easy reach of Kastrup, so these work well, and we need to be close to nice outdoor areas to run and walk the dog etc.

Basically I would really like to hear from people with practical experience from these areas. Likes and dislikes, daily practicalities, general atmosphere, just any useful tips etc. We haven't actually found a place yet, but are hoping to find somewhere in the next couple of months. We will probably rent to start out, and then if we like it buy. We will be making a few visits over the next few months as well, so if anyone wants a free beer, and can spare half an hour, and would be prepared to meet up next time we are over that would also be much appreciated.
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post 16.Feb.2009, 12:19 PM
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You might want to take a look at sunddebat.com. Loads of Danes move to western Malmö and I reckon their perspective is very relevant.
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post 16.Feb.2009, 12:28 PM
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Good site. Thanks.
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post 16.Feb.2009, 01:58 PM
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I live in Bunkeflostrand. its nice and quite...The only main problem at the moment is the road work and road closers. There are 3 bus lines that run into Limhamn,Malmo and a commuter bus that runs in the morningevening to the train station. There is a small dog run in Bunkeflostand and I know there is one in Lihman but I dont know where. The one in Bunkeflostrand is hard to find but just ask another dog owner and they should know...It took me 9 months to find it even with directions:( But my dog doesnt like the dog park unless there is someone to play with so we dont go there alot. There is a nice one in Malmo at slotssparken that we like the best.

Finding a place to rent is Malmo is quite hard but you might get lucky. The flat we live in is owned by MKB and we waited 3 years for a place in this part of Malmo. There are other companies out there you might have better luck with. The is also Annestad which is a part of Bunkeflostrand and It seems that they have quite a few rentail flats...Ive seen them on www.bovision.se or www.hemnet.se. You could try looking there.

Sibbarp is right between Limhamn and Bunkeflostand. There is a nice big beach and large park. My dog and I like to visit there in the spring. Im sure there is lots more Ive forgotten.

Im not sure If Ive helped you in the past? I remember helping someone a while back with regards to Bunkeflostrand?

Well anyway...Good Luck. If you need and more help or want to meet up just let me know:)
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post 17.Feb.2009, 08:41 PM
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Sunshine - thanks very much for your reply - exactly the sort of info I was after. Sounds like it certainly fits the bill for us. We are still looking for a place and hopefully will find something soon. We may have to move sooner than expected from Denmark, as there is the possibility to rent out our house here, so I will have to intensify the search, although we do have a place we can stay in CPH and in Norway where i am mostly working, until we find something, There are a couple of interesting places on Blocket which might be worth a look. If anyone has seen any other please let me know.
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