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Is there a minimum salary in Sweden?

post 13.Jun.2009, 04:09 PM
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I m going to be employed in Sweden and i m wondering if there is a minimum salary here.I come here in a family as au pair but one of the family has his own bussines and he can make me a work contract so i can get a residence permit and personal number aswell.Iv been paid as au pair until now but i guess if i m going to have a normal contract m going to have a different salary.
Anyone can help me?
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post 13.Jun.2009, 05:04 PM
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I don't believe there is a minimum wage. However, unions do set employee agreements for salaries etc. You would need to join a union and ask for their advice. Otherwise work for black money.
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post 13.Jun.2009, 05:12 PM
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If you are not from the EU, Migrationsverket will have to issue you with a work permit. To do this you need to have the details of the job approved by one of the unions. If the salary is deaamed by the union to be too low, you don't get a work permit. This should mean that you are paid a fair wage for the job.
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post 13.Jun.2009, 05:41 PM
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Things changed since 15th December. Nothing needs to be approved by any union and/or arbetsförmedlingen. But instead the related union gets the chance of stating their opinion on the contract. Even if the union gives a negative opinion migrationsverket can still issue a permit.
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post 13.Jun.2009, 06:02 PM
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Location: Stockholm county
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I m EU citizen but i really dont know how much work worth here.Im here just for one month and any info would help me.I read somewhere that minimim is 13 000 sek but thats vague and irelevant cuz depends of work type,scheduale etc.
What do you think?
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post 13.Jun.2009, 07:57 PM
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Minimum wages are mainly for registered members within the the workers union. You can talk about those terms if you are a registered member of the union. Generally there is an average salary for each profession, but you can only talk about that if you registered within the workers union. I know for au pairs they pay between 60-90 kr an hour. Your employer should know, but dont try to work black because then if you get the black spot in Sweden, you will just have created a big wall to your future. Dont rely on many of what people posts here, instead go to the right place to ask, try the ARBETSFÖRMEDLINGEN (the JOB CENTRE)

Visit also lonestatistik website http://www.lonestatistik.se/loner.asp/yrke/Barnflicka-1195

Secondly, I dont understand your question form the beginning, are you in Sweden or still to come to Sweden? As I understand from what you write, you are an EU citizen, there is no need for a work permit, only if you coming from outside, then thats when you can start thinking about climbing that tall mountain! If you are here and came as an au pair, you must be having a temporal security number (person nummer). I don't think you can get a permanent personnummer for a one month job. It will be of value to say which country you come from because I know they have a quite tough muscle for these guys from east europe!
We have some threads also here that has discussed about average salries in Sweden. Follow this link
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post 13.Jun.2009, 10:39 PM
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There is no minimum wage - your salary will depend on what the terms are of any collective agreement at the workplace if there is one and what type of work you would be doing - around 13,000 would probably be around what the lowest collective agreement salary would be but if the workplace is not covered you will have to negotiate
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