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I'm looking for an IT job

Does your company have an opening?

post 6.Dec.2011, 11:03 PM
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Well let's see, Mr Chang...

First off, I am out of the country and only have a phone with a tiny screen to make posts from. It isn't as clear as a pc screen and yes I am going to miss things as a result.

Second, all of your posts seem to have some kind of sarcastic undertone.

How's this for brains material:

Started a company now employing 12 people and expanding rapidly, in 4 years. Paid millions of kr in tax.

Have a sambo of model quality and recently had a son together.

Have 2 luxury cars and a house 2 minutes from a lake, 15 minutes from town, have a lifestyle that allows me to go horse riding most days.

When you have acheived any of the above, let me know, Mr Chang.

Your acheivements seem to be:

- posting sarcastically on TL
- chasing semi-literate Chinese students
- you are going to a work julbord.

But by all means, please feel free to feel superior to everyone else based on strange criteria dreamed up in your own little world, the kingdom of Dan Chang.
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post 7.Dec.2011, 11:44 AM
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QUOTE (dave.smith @ 6.Dec.2011, 10:03 PM) *
Have a sambo of model quality and recently had a son together.. you are going to a work julbord.

I wouldn't boast too loudly, you do realise that if either of you were under 25/30years when you got together then this is probably just your first marriage / sambo? Supermodel or not.
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