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Swedish Driving Licence - Tests

Insights into testing procedure

post 12.Oct.2009, 10:09 AM
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Like many Expats in Sweden, I am in the process of obtaining my Swedish drivers licence because my Australian expired after one year. Trying my best to avoid the ridiculous and scandalous costs that the driving schools charge, I am trying to find out as much as possible about the practical and theory tests.

The driving school have tried to convince me that I need 9 double lessons (I have had my licence for 16 years) to learn to drive - which is utterly ridiculous, and sadly, commonplace. It is very difficult to get information out of them about what is covered during the practical test because they try and string this out over a number of lessons.

Can anyone tell me what is involved?

I understand the beginning of the prac test is 10-15 mins looking over the car. What do the examiners expect you to do here? Check the lights? Check the fluids?

I have read the English theory book & purchased a number of online practice tests - everytime I do these, I pass with ease. Are these online tests easier than the ACTUAL theory test?

Any advice welcome...
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post 12.Oct.2009, 10:46 AM
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hmm...its not that difficult as you heard, theory test is rather easier than the online tests, but ofcourse it depends upon the questions you'll receive on that particular time period of your test from their questions pool, but i its not at all more difficult than online tests, if you pass them easily you'll pass the test easily too...
the practical test is rather more difficult i consider as it involves a lot on the person who's taking your test, it could be very to normal strict level...it doesn't involve at all the 10-15 min initial car test...in practical it's rare that they will ask you about checking fluid and stuff...mostly they'll just ask you to adjust the mirrors and checks breaks...involves the hand break too...and then just go on...the most imp thing in consider is that they realize that you are planning your journey ahead...you are looking signs actively and for other dangers (padestrains...etc) actively...and looking in mirrors and giving signals well in time...and ofcourse driving smoothly especially in roundabouts...and be cool...
hope tht helps.
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post 12.Oct.2009, 12:10 PM
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Thank you, a great insight. I read all sorts of stories - some say the driving is hard, theory is easy, some say the theory is really difficult but the driving a breeze!

The video about the practical test on the Vägverket website shows the driver looking over the car with the examiner before driving - I wondered what they were doing.

After 16 years, I feel I am a very responsible, careful driver and am ready for the test, but just want to get as much insight as possible. In Forest Gump's words "you never know what you're gunna get" smile.gif
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Tim Harrison
post 12.Oct.2009, 01:18 PM
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I finally got my Swedish license just recently on the third try. I decided to finally use a driving school to find out the little hidden perks to be able to pass the test. Through the net I bought a package of theory questions to do online for 3 months, so I never used the driving school for this.

The first driving school I contacted wanted me to sign up for 10 driving classes on the spot, even after I repeatedly told them that I have had a valid US license for almost 25 years. I just said Hej då and went on to contact another driving school. This one let me sign up for how many classes I thought I needed in order to pass. We decided on four classes, which turned out to be about two too many. The teacher was full of stereotypes about American drivers. His first question to me was if I knew how to drive a manual car, second if I knew how to drive in snow and ice, and then he preceded to say that he thought the Americans got their license more or less in a Seven-Eleven. His ideas of driving was nothing that I had ever done before, has never seen anyone doing and will never do myself. For exampple: He wanted me to drive as close to the right ditch as possible, and persisted in taking over the steering wheel doing so while I was driving. He also wanted me to drive over the parking spaces on a one way-street.

The driving school set up Riskutbildning one and two, i.e. the slippery test and the drunk and driving while tired-class (as I call it). I contacted Vägverket myself to set up the actual theory and driving tests. I decided to do the theory test in English eventhough I had done all the online questions in Swedish, as I did not want to translate all the time. However, please keep in mind that the English used in the test is not first class; the translations are definetely not the best, and the test is done in British English, so sometimes you waste time trying to figure out what this British English word means in my own English..Oh, and the actual questions are quite tricky and not exactly the same as on the practice tests.

In the end I am glad I actually used a driving school just to get the hidden perks and for the Riskutbildning, but a lot of the other stuff needed to get the license I just did by myself.
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post 12.Oct.2009, 01:29 PM
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Thanks Tim, if you don't mind me asking, why did you fail the first 2 times - where there particular things you needed to learn? If so, what are they? (I assume it is the practical test that you are referring to...?)

Even though the English is not particularly good, I don't have a problem with it. I am a British English speaker wink.gif I wouldn't expect the questions to be exactly the same - but that's good to know, thanks.
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post 12.Oct.2009, 01:42 PM
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I took 2 half hour sessions with a driving school. One in town, and one in the country. I said that I wanted them to show me what it was that the test examiners would be looking for. Which they were happy to do for me. It meant that it was easy to pick up the object of the exercise for each task set by the examiner. I might have gotten by without the 2 sessions, but I thought it was money well spent. Took a lot of the guess work out of it.
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Tim Harrison
post 12.Oct.2009, 03:55 PM
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I failed on the written tests for issues like Swedish roadsigns, weight of car vs. trailer etc, i.e. not easy questions. Remember, that new roadsigns come each year, so neither the Swedish nor the English book will have all the signs listed. I believe it really depends on the mood or how picky the examiner is if you will pass the driving test or not. Also, pick your time of the day closely, as doing your test during rush hour or lunch hour might not be the best choice...
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post 12.Oct.2009, 04:07 PM
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The theory test are pretty similar to the ones they have on the str website you can purchase. Though they are not the exact same questions, and alot of the questions are a bit tricky in the way they are worded. But if you practice with those online practice tests you should be able to pass the theory test no problems.

The actual driving exam on the other hand all depends on who you get as your Exam giver. If the guy/girl had a bad day, you'll have a bad day.
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post 12.Oct.2009, 04:33 PM
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I just finished the str test online and the way they word it is crazy and a lot of the questions are very misleading!

only just got over halve right and i have been studying for about 3 weeks and using a on-line test program
I have till the 19th to sharpen up my answers as have the test on the 19th of November
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post 22.Oct.2009, 02:56 PM
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I'll share my experience with the Swedish körkort racket in all it's idiocy. I'm American and have been a licensed driver for 13yrs.

First off, it's expensive. See http://www.korkortsportalen.se/ for more info. These were my approximate costs, they could be off a bit:
*Get an eye exam (100kr)
*Then you can to apply for a Swedish learning permit (400kr)
*You have to take 2 'riskutbildning' courses
-one is halkkörning (1600kr)
-one is a class with a powerpoint and some youtube videos (600kr)
*Written exam (220kr)
*Drive test (1100kr)

Everything but the last two require only money and a pulse to accomplish.

Written exam:
I passed the written exam easily using Trafikskolan TEO 2009 test software as study material. Also had a booklet in English. The English on the exam is not perfect, make sure you understand correctly before answering. They love questions about trailer weights. Why not?

Driving test:
It's quite expensive and I, someone who has driven half my life across three continents without a single accident, failed it. I would strongly advise going to a traffic school and doing a lesson even if you are the best driver in the world. You are not driving - you are playing the Swedish körkort game and you'll need to play that game very well depending on the mood of your tester.

If they try to put a second guy for training purposes in your car you can, and probably should, politely decline this. This would not be a good thing for you. Say you have a phobia of people sitting behind you, or anything, just don't piss them off - 1100kr is a lot and you have no way to appeal a decision. On the other hand, if your instructor or another handledere can come with, that would not hurt. If you are going to take a right, move WAY, WAY to the right before the turn, even if there is no one behind you. Break as much as you can with the engine, minimize the use of your breaks and clutch. You notice that the clutch is squeaky? Not an accident. Don't be overly cautious just because you're in a test: do not slow down or break, for example, before pedestrian/cycle crossings if your view is ok. Also, you'll want to comment on the fact that you have done quite a few driving lessons in Sweden (whether or not that is true), to communicate the fact that you have paid your fair dues.
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Mb 65
post 22.Oct.2009, 06:50 PM
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Here are a few tips and you should pass easy. Never use your indicators, drive very fast behind a car that is halfway out of the parking space, drive over the center line, cut across other cars as you go from the outside lane to the motorway exit, pull out in front of other cars and smile.
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post 23.Oct.2009, 07:08 AM
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and text. A lot.
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post 23.Oct.2009, 08:39 AM
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Put your makeup on while drivng. It demonstrates multi tasking.

Double park outside an ATM money machine, or System Bolaget. Tell the examiner that you'll just be a couple of minutes. Stay away long enough for a police car to arrive. Deny knowing the instructor.

As above, only this time, sprint back to the car, screaming "Drive, Drive !"

Throw your handbag into the instructor's lap and say "I think the police are behind us, hold this for me".

Bring 4 friends with you.

Bring your dog/cat with you. Unrestrained.

Strike up a conversation about which member of the Swedish football team either of you would "do".

Speak Klingon.
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post 23.Oct.2009, 08:52 AM
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I'm an EU citizen living in Sweden and my Dutch drivers license will expire next year. Does anyone know if there are differences in the procedure of getting a Swedish drivers license for EU citizens?
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Rick Methven
post 23.Oct.2009, 09:12 AM
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You just hand in your Dutch licence and get a Swedish one in exchange with the same Groups as on your old Rijbewis. Takes 2 or 3 weeks normally unless you have some odd groups - I Have BE CE and DE on my licence so it took a bit longer for the check with the British authorities.
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