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Mystery multiple assassination.

Police seek motive for murders>

Model T Ford
post 15.Jan.2014, 01:41 PM
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Now French and British police have given up trying to fit up Saad's brother Zaid as the murderer since it was apparently that Mossad trainee from the States, William Hershkovitz, who actually did it, and went beserk when confronted by his civilian chef boss about what he had done around Annecy.

It's much like the Palme assassination where the British police have the Swedes looking for anyone but the killer who actually did it. rolleyes.gif
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Model T Ford
post 20.Feb.2014, 02:33 PM
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Now the French investigator is trying to fit up a retired French policeman for the al-Hilli killings, claiming solely that he looks like the identifit of a suspicious man on a motorcycle, seen by witnesses near the Lake Annecy murder scene.

William Hershkovitz,aka Hershkowitz a recruit apparently for the Mossad who killed his work monitor back in Eilat for some still unexplained reason after the four murders, also looks like the drawing, provided he is allowed to grow a beard, and one uses a photograph of Hershkovitz at the time, not the one of him as an adolescent in high school.
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Model T Ford
post 4.Jun.2014, 12:25 PM
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Now the French have apparently closed their investigation of the massacre, implying that a former French Foreign Legion parachutist seems to have committed it, and apparently committing belated suicide over having done it.

He was interviewed in April 2913 for ten hours, and wrote a long note, it seems, stating the he was most disturbed by the interview. He lived in nearby Ugine, and was an acquaintance of Sylvain Mollier, one of the victims.

The investigation did not supply his name, release his statement, and did not explain why it took him so long to kill himself over a matter which had long been forgotten about.

Looks like a covert operation to use a convenient suspect to end the inquiry into a still most unexplained plot to kill the al-Hillis.

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Model T Ford
post 9.Jul.2014, 01:58 PM
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Now we finally learn that Iqbal al-Hilli's first husband, James Thompson, died on the same day that she was brutally gunned down around France's Lake Annecy of suspicious circumstances, making it all look like the work of some unknown jilted lover.

Don't forget that biker Sylvain Mollier was also killed too, along with Iqbal's mother.

Still looks like a most complicated plot to make it look like Iran was breaking its sanctions in the hope of helping its nuclear weapons program - what only a top intelligence service, like Meir Dagan's Mossad, could concoct.

Still no apparent investigation of William Hershkovitz being the leading killer.
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