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How long to sell an apartment in Stockholm?

Assuming people want to buy it

post 9.Nov.2012, 01:38 PM
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I'm wondering if anyone can give an idea of the timeline involved from the moment of choosing an agent/mäklare until the deal is completed?

That would include the styling (if necessary) and photographs.

Listing on hemnet

Open house

Signing of contracts and transfer of ownership and money?

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post 9.Nov.2012, 10:40 PM
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I don't think thats such an easy question to answer, so many factors: size, location, prices, agent you choose, etc

If you speak Swedish this might be a good place to begin:


You can see quite a bit of statistics on price, time on the market etc for your area.

Might be worth popping down to the nearest mäklare, they usually are free for a consultation, valuation, etc.
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post 9.Nov.2012, 11:11 PM
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Thanks. Let me make it easier...

Let's assume there is no problem finding a potential buyer.

How long from the moment one chooses an agent to the moment the sale is completed?
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