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Bad credit rating

Questions about what to do about it

post 29.Nov.2012, 10:44 AM
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Hello, My partner has a bad credit rating. They owe a large amount of money. We want to pay it back. Here are some questions:

- How does the credit rating system work: is it a scale or simply good/bad?
- Can a bank/landlord see all the individual debts?
- Does the type of debit matter (ie rent arrears compared to electricity bill non-payment)?
- After paying the debt, is there a waiting period until the credit rating is restored?

- Who can we go to discuss all this?

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post 29.Nov.2012, 11:14 AM
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QUOTE (tuborgian @ 29.Nov.2012, 10:44 AM) *
Hello, My partner has a bad credit rating. They owe a large amount of money. We want to pay it back. Here are some questions:- How does the credit rating system work: is it a ... (show full quote)

- They are trying to introduce a rating system, but in the main most people use the old report that lists information, each company makes it's own decision as to whether or not you are a risk, they normally look for debts at kronofogden and Betalningsanmärkning.

- On the credit report is your last few tax declarations, the history of loans/repayments over the last few years, debts at Kronofogden (even if they were paid off) and Betalningsanmärkning (amount and to whom).

- Sometimes the type of debt can make a difference, eg. outstanding Debts at Kronofogden is a definate no no.

-After paying the debt it stays on the credit report for 2 years, as does the historical debt at Kronofogden. And remember, since it is a public body, debts registered at Kronofogden become Public Information.

Debts only come onto the credit report if Kronofogden are due to collect, ie. it has already passed through for a collection judgement. You normally get a notice from Kronofogden about the debt, and if you pay that quickly it doesn't appear on the credit report.

You can request from say UC your own credit report, free of charge, once per year. There you will be able to see exactly what (more or less) information companies checking you will see. If a company requests a credit check on you, You will also be sent a copy of the information provided to them.
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