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Sky go (Sky TV via your computer)

A disappointment and horrible user interface

post 2.Dec.2012, 02:05 PM
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Location: Europe
Joined: 28.Oct.2008

I saw that the latest series of an idiot abroad (series 3) was out, and being the honest person that I am - didn't want to go the hooky way - so signed up for an account with SKY Go.

So I bought me a 1 month subscription via SKY Go for £15 as it works with my UK IP - But I must say I think that while the program is good, the whole SKY Go thing is pants.

Firstly you are banned from being able to sling it to an Apple TV.
So this means if you have an iPad, iPhone or even Android device with similar TV box, you cant use it.

Instead they offer you this awful web player.
Which is terrible in terms of content display and getting it to work (especially on a mac)

Further more you have to register each device you plan to watch said programs on.
So rather than just not allowing more than 1 account to see any content at any given time, you have to faff about registering and deregistering anything from a phone to a PC each time.

Genrerally dealing with SKY is on par with trying to buy a ticket with Ryan air, where constantly feel you are being conned. Just trying to have a SKY Go account and subscribing only to SKY Go is a maze of stupidity in itself where many aspects are hidden in an attempt to get you to sign up to a more expensive and all inclusive deal with extras on top.

So what I wanted to say was this.
If you really want to have SKY just for christmas in Sweden it is possible, as long as your computer has a proper UK IP. And its good that you can subscribe for just 1 month at a time without being on a 12 month contract etc. But its generally an unpleasant experience in having to deal with SKY and the computer GUI provided is a pain to use compared to the iPad version. The iPad version is pretty good, but again you cant sling it over airplay to an apple tv or use mirroring.

If anyone wants this set up for christmas and needs a walk through on how to do it, just say and I will try to help.
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post 2.Dec.2012, 02:23 PM
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Joined: 19.Dec.2008

Yes, it's not great. Microsoft Silverlight...

Also, the webpages are ridiculously bloated. My computer isn't the fastest, but it has no problems loading the rest of the web. But the Sky GO interface is sloooww...

Also, when there is Champions League on you have a match choice via some thing called "Sky Events Centre" which basically doesn't work. So I couldn't watch the Ajax match...
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post 2.Dec.2012, 02:43 PM
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Location: United Kingdom
Joined: 29.Nov.2012

skyGo is rubbish , it just gives you some channels thats it . I would never pay for that shit one of my mates got Sky and I have their password and username watching some sky sport new on my iphone and ipad thats it ,.
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Rick Methven
post 2.Dec.2012, 08:22 PM
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Location: Linköping
Joined: 30.Nov.2005

So SKYGo is useless, what is any good?

Tuesday is the day they start moving channels from Asta 1N to 2F and I will find if I can still get BBC/ITV on my 120cm dish. If I loose my reception, it will have to be either aUK VPN or a new 150cm dish at 4000 SEK plus installation of around 2k
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post 2.Dec.2012, 11:18 PM
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Joined: 22.May.2006

Rick, you are all doom and gloom, you must be a fun person to have about !
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post 2.Dec.2012, 11:42 PM
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Location: Europe
Joined: 28.Oct.2008

QUOTE (Rick Methven @ 2.Dec.2012, 08:22 PM) *
So SKYGo is useless, what is any good?Tuesday is the day they start moving channels from Asta 1N to 2F and I will find if I can still get BBC/ITV on my 120cm dish. If I loose ... (show full quote)

Rick, I wouldn't put any faith into the sky go online package.It is by far the worst offering of catchup etc of all the major channels.
Normally I find very few shows via this operator I want to watch.But the access and payment system is a joke.So personally, if you do want sky for any reason ... I would invest the cash into a dish and installation instead.As I haven't been able to get dynamic dns to work with sky and all its security measures combined with poor user interfaces and restrictions make for a very unpleasant experience.
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post 11.Feb.2013, 11:47 AM
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Also, the webpages are ridiculously bloated. My computer isn't the fastest, but it has no problems loading the rest of the web. But the Sky GO interface is sloooww... you need uk vpn will help you change ip address
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post 11.Feb.2013, 06:15 PM
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Location: Stockholm
Joined: 6.Jun.2005

Funny. I have a 5 year old computer hooked up to my TV and SkyGo works perfectly well in full screen mode from IE9. It also works perfect in FF and Chrome. I don't see what the issue is with hooking it up to the TV.

That aside I only use Sky for F1 and some Football.
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post 11.Feb.2013, 07:12 PM
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I have a five year old computer as well. Works OK, but only in Internet Explorer for me.

I find that the stream quality can go up and down during big matches and sometimes get very pixellated.

But the Champions League match choice thing has never worked for me, nearly crashes the computer every time and streams don't load.

But the standard Sky channels load well enough.

Certainly beats all the aggro associated with having a massive satellite dish.
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