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Help with Job Contract

Which is best?

post 22.Dec.2012, 09:58 AM
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I have been offered a job recently (after a period of unemployment) which is not 100% (not 40 hour per week every week). Since the workload is seasonal some months are 100% and others 50% for a annual average of 70%.

My contract recently arrived for signing and I was surprised to see the salary is paid out in that same rhythm (some months 100%, some 50%...) instead of simply paying out the average per month (which makes it easier to budget and plan).

The contract is a 'tillsvidare' with a trial period until August.

I'm thinking it makes sense to simply work out the average monthly salary, average monthly/weekly hours and contract and pay in accordance with that.

Or am I missing something? Which do you think is to my advantage? Does it affect future a-kassa etc?

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post 23.Dec.2012, 10:57 AM
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Your prospective employer has done that for a reason, don't forget that they also as a company have to plan and budget so for them to be accurate it requires them to do it this way, showing the reality.

In addition to that, for those periods where you are working 50% You are entitled to register as unemployed 50% and receive unemployment benefits (if entitled), but the condition is that you are looking for and available to work for that %age you are not employed. If the employer averaged it at 70%, then during periods where you are 100% you may end up with difficulties since you would technically say you were 30% available, but are not.

Does the job start in February?, if the trial period is until August then 6 months (maximum allowed) trial period would have to start in February? Or are they taking into account a supposed 4 weeks off in summer before trial period ends??
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post 23.Dec.2012, 12:17 PM
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What happens if the supposed 70% average work becomes, lets say, 80%? Is that clear in the contract, or did you talk about it with the employer?
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post 23.Dec.2012, 08:56 PM
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The job starts Jan 14th. And it's stated in the contract that the months May - Aug as well as Dec will be 100% and all other 50%.
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