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Lived in Sweden for 5 years

But I luckily made my way out

post 20.Jan.2013, 10:06 PM
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QUOTE (Migga @ 20.Jan.2013, 09:32 PM) *
You didn`t meantion one single positive thing. What`s you agenda? Why did you post this? What did you hope to achive?

And here, from the Defender of the Faith, we have yet again the How-Dare-You-Criticize-Sweden song.

@the OP. Thanks you for your thoughtful post. You express what so many immigrants feel and experience. Especially refreshing to see someone at last has the courage to say that the much-hyped Swedish nature is boring...at least compared to that of France, the U.S. or Italy or Spain.
Brilliant post.
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post 20.Jan.2013, 10:10 PM
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And here`s the typical post that comes to ridicule, victimize or undermine my criticism of the original posters generalizing rant. Keep your personal attacks to your self.
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post 20.Jan.2013, 10:35 PM
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translated - "I do the bullying round here"
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post 20.Jan.2013, 10:36 PM
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Migga, Don't be silly...you're "victimized" now?
If there is a "personal" attack" here, it is you on the OP You use "you" or "your" at least four times in your reply to him. Now that's personal.
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post 20.Jan.2013, 10:40 PM
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Can anyone give opinion about the meat quality in Sweden compare to your countries? I have to know whether I'm so biased here as some are pointing out.
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post 20.Jan.2013, 10:42 PM
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There`s no reasoning with some, I lose either way. If I let it slide the bashing continues. If I point out the ridicule I`m labeld as playing the victim, upset, offended, bullying or too serious without any sense of humour. Just stick to the issue at hand. What you are doing is obvious and getting old.
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post 20.Jan.2013, 10:52 PM
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QUOTE (jonko @ 20.Jan.2013, 10:40 PM) *
Can anyone give opinion about the meat quality in Sweden compare to your countries? I have to know whether I'm so biased here as some are pointing out.

Before Sweden joined the EU, Sweden had far superior regulations with regards food quality, unfortunately those had to be removed when joining the EU in the 1990's and food quality dropped due to not being able to block inferior (and cheaper) imported meats etc... There was even an appology from a certain Government Minister at the time, stating that they hadn't realised (read the small print) when signing up for the EU that it would have that effect on the quality of meat in the country, adding that if they had known for sure in advance that food quality would reduce so much, they would have had 2nd thoughts about joining! unsure.gif
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post 20.Jan.2013, 10:59 PM
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QUOTE (jonko @ 20.Jan.2013, 07:07 PM) *
And the summers are…well there is no summer, there is? The weather in Sweden sucks, if I may summarize the topic.

There are summers in Sweden and they culminate on midsummer;

QUOTE (jonko @ 20.Jan.2013, 07:07 PM) *
And I always wonder ‘well, if you have it, why don’t you use it?

It`s used by many Swedes every day and at any time of the hour.

QUOTE (jonko @ 20.Jan.2013, 07:07 PM) *
And what do you guys say about the meat?

It`s good. Perhaps a bit expensive but that`s because of the high wages, high production costs, high enviroment taxes, high transportaion costs and not as much EU funds as other countries. If Spain and the rest of the world would take in the cost of the enviroment, transport, wages and taxes more in the price of their food then it would be expensive aswell.

QUOTE (jonko @ 20.Jan.2013, 07:07 PM) *
Well, how could they? Are they supposed to break in into the typical Swedish house and seat themselves around the dining table? How can you really connect with your fellow cit ... (show full quote)

They could ask. There are public celebrations all over Sweden in everything from small towns to major cities.

QUOTE (jonko @ 20.Jan.2013, 07:07 PM) *
What is the doctor doing meanwhile!?

Probably taking care of other patients.

QUOTE (jonko @ 20.Jan.2013, 07:07 PM) *
But hey, what’s the alternative here? Yet again another Friday dinner with falukorv? Everything is expensive, in every shop, in every mayor distributor chain. Why?

There are loads of alternatives, your mind is all that holds you back. Some of the reasons as to why it`s expensive I`ve already explored in an aswer above this one.
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post 20.Jan.2013, 11:03 PM
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QUOTE (Migga @ 20.Jan.2013, 10:10 PM) *
And here`s the typical post that comes to ridicule, victimize

QUOTE (Migga @ 20.Jan.2013, 10:42 PM) *
I`m labeld as playing the victim, .

Read your own posts. You labeled yourself as the victim. Irony lost in another galaxy...

to the OP re meat. Many foreigners agree that the meat is pretty awful. The chopped beef turns grey in the frying pan.
The chickens are tasteless and sometimes nasty. And the pork...
What is good is "vilt" or game: the various elk or deer steaks and roasts. When a recipe calls for hamburger or minced beef, älgfars (minced elk) makes an excellent substitute. It's also much more healthful, particularly if you are trying to keep your cholesterol down.
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post 20.Jan.2013, 11:06 PM
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Jonko, fair enough. The Swedes can't do much about the climate. The people have not only survived but also managed to build one of the richest nations on earth in a place it takes a lot of energy just to survive. Also a harsh climate fosters a harsh people.

When it comes to the food its funny I have the exact opinion about Spain. I am a foody and really into food. I love travelling and eating food from different countries, even Sweden, but not from Spain. I spend about six weeks in Spain every year to get som rays. The rays are good in Spain but not the food. Especially not the sea food.
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Gamla Hälsingebock
post 20.Jan.2013, 11:10 PM
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Years ago in the US there were many bumper stickers the said..."Love it or leave it"...That is what comes to mind now...what the hell is wrong with you people?

You made your bed, now sleep in it...or go some place where you can be happy...Swedish people want you to be happy...really!

And don't start this crap about constructive criticism...who the hell are you to judge and entire nation of people that live the way THEY want...and, that is not to YOUR liking...Transportation today is a miracle...board a train, plane, ship, bus, camel, horse, donkey or walk, to your happiness...I'm sure your Swedish neighbor will help you choose your choice of transportation and destination!

Happiness awaits! cool.gif
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post 20.Jan.2013, 11:16 PM
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He has left, look a the thread title!!
Anyway there is nothing more childish than any criticism being met with, just leave then.. Ridiculous!
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post 20.Jan.2013, 11:27 PM
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@ Jonko

All things you have mentioned are right and there are more of course depends on experience and background of the immigrants , wishing the best for you

But i will tell this,,

1.Sweden is one of Nordic /Scandinavian countries so , its heard by its title for integration

But it still easier than Finland or Norway were racism is no.1 and langauge harder than Swedish and you cant earn any thing unless you have very very needed job in their market , Norway by jobs better than Finland ,Norway not allow dual citizenship like in SWE.

And Denmark they dont accept amount of refugees accepted here .

Also,,,FINNISH living here to escape from their country politics and cold (colder in FIN)

2. If you have goals in your life and mind , so you must came here to do it here ,

Otherwise ,whatever you saved you will pay it back on taxes and life style on long period basis

3. You are true , if you saw it here as a paradise or bored place or something between depends on your background.
We are not all the same

4.As you educated and EU citizen , and you are leaving Swe (after accomplishing your goals),

Thats means that you can go anywhere CANADA ,AUS, NZ, USA , or the six Arabian Gulf states(GCC)( where salaries are tax free and 5% taxes over cars and much more benefits

And ofcourse social/friendship realtions are better in ALL(CAN,AUS,,,,,,
In 99% of Europe are countries with high taxes

Best wishes
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post 21.Jan.2013, 12:50 AM
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QUOTE (Migga @ 20.Jan.2013, 09:42 PM) *
There`s no reasoning with some, I lose either way. If I let it slide the bashing continues. If I point out the ridicule I`m labeld as playing the victim, upset, offend ... (show full quote)

Really migga, it's time to lighten up and get that poker our of your ass. you really are coming across as an uptight control freak.

But i digress. Good luck to the OP and I hope you feel better about your life now. wouldn't be surprised if you start to miss Sweden after a while. We are all different. I lived in Spain for a decade and have nightmares about going back there. The chaos and the bad food drove me insane and I always felt like an ousider inspite of being fluent in the language. So horses for courses...However, it's always good to hear the considered opinions of others...tycker jag smile.gif .
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post 21.Jan.2013, 01:27 AM
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To the OP, great post.
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