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Working as an electrician in Sweden

Any info please

David O Donnor
post 25.Jan.2013, 06:32 PM
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Hello everyone. Im just wondering if any fellow expats have succeeded in getting employment as an electrician here in Sweden?
I left Ireland in November to live here in Gothenburgh with my girlfriend. I really like it here although the job market is tough. It is most probably due to the fact that work is quite this time of year for trades men.
I have been applying for jobs since i got here and I finally got called for a couple of interviews.
So, im just wondering what its like to work as an electrician here (or any other trade for that matter).
Your experiences etc.
I also heard that your employer supplies you with a full tool kit which sounds hard to believe.
Thanks in advance
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post 25.Jan.2013, 07:01 PM
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Hej David!

Okay, my sambo said the best thing to do is to talk with the electrician companies in your area and ask about their trainee program. He said that the trainees get paid less, but hey you have to start somewhere...

Also, I for some odd reason always get texts for electrician groups (they won't take me off their list no matter how many times I ask). Anyway, I have listed some of things below that I get texts on (these were all in separate texts).

UngaElektrikers Fredric 0733824806 fedric.lundahl.com


postbox.mitt@sef.se or 08-4128297


Not sure if this helps, but it is what I have to offer, lol. Cheers! smile.gif
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Seamus Sean
post 25.Jan.2013, 08:00 PM
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I would recomend applying for a DSB cert in Norway and applying for rotational work with some Norsk firms.

Is your back ground domestic or industrial?

The pay in Norway is better plus the free time when working rotation is fantastic.
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David O Donnor
post 27.Jan.2013, 05:19 PM
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thanks for the replies guys.
Seamus my background is mainly domestic although i have a good bit of experience in control panel wiring also.
Im not sure if i qualify for the dsb cert just yet as i am only recently qualified.
I heard you have to have 2 years post qualification before you can apply for the dsb cert. I heard a lot of good things about norway alight. I would love to get in there some day
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Seamus Sean
post 27.Jan.2013, 09:45 PM
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I see, well can´t offer you any advice on domestic, or house bashing as I have heard it being called.

Yeah you need a year or two out of your time before the DSB can be issued, but if you could get your hands on a cert I could point you in the direction of work, there is lots going on at the moment, good rates, digs, grub and travel covered and the free time is very easy to get used too, it´s like having a two week holiday every month, ´so check it out and let me know, best of luck in your quest!
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post 27.Jan.2013, 10:17 PM
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I was also an electrician in the states for 15 years and do have the schooling. The one import thing you need is good knowledge of the Swedish language. Swedes won't hire folks if they can't speak Swedish even if they love speaking English. Show you have finished up to at least SFI course C, have your schools transcripts sent to Högskolverket and be able to take some sort of validation exam to prove you have the know how. If your currently in SFI then your school should be able to help you with getting the paperwork to where it needs to go.
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