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Exporting car back to uk

Anyone have any in depth no-how

post 29.Jan.2013, 09:03 PM
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Hi, as the title, I want to export my car back to the uk (it is a uk rhd spec car) these are the term and conditions, so basically I need a insurance company to give me 30 days insurance, but the insurance has to come from the uk and I guess they will have to insure it via the chassis number.

If any one has done this please share any info you can, will be appreciated.. Below are the term and conditions I'm waiting for some insurance company's to get back to me , but I'm getting different answers every time (I won't go into to much detail) but it's proofing to be a bit of a pain.


No fee is charged for this type of temporary registration.

If a 30-day insurance certificate is being used for the application, the vehicle will be uninsured for the
remaining period of validity of the temporary registration as of day 31 after the initial date of the certificate
unless the insurance is renewed through a Swedish insurance company.

If the vehicle changes owner, the temporary registration will expire immediately.

The period of validity cannot be extended. It is not possible for us to approve a new temporary registration
for the vehicle before twelve months have passed since the end of a previous temporary registration period.
The special number plates are to be destroyed when the temporary registration expires.

Use in Sweden and abroad
A temporarily registered vehicle may be used in normal traffic in Sweden, but not for commercial traffic

Rules and regulations on how a temporarily registered vehicle may be used differ from country to
country. It is therefore advisable to check the rules in the intended country or countries of use.

Further information about temporary registration is available at our website www.transportstyrelsen.se or
through calling us on 077 114 15 16 in Sweden.
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post 30.Jan.2013, 07:46 PM
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Is the car registered and insured here in Sweden? I mean does it have a Swedish number plate and is registered in the transportstyrelsen system. If so then you can just drive it to the UK and then register it there. I have done it the other way but my brother is a car dealer in the UK and he tells me it is pretty simple to import a car from the EU into the UK.
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post 30.Jan.2013, 08:21 PM
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Yes at the moment it's all legal with Swedish plates, I was thinking of just driving it back but it's a little more complicated.

I'm just trying to find a UK insurance company that deals in imports in this manor, I have come across one but oddly they couldn't be bothered to help because the car had no mods.

Well if all else fails I will just drive it back I'm going to spend 3 months in Denmark on the way so god knows how that will work.

The main reason I want to do it the other way is to make sure it's UN-registered before I leave Sweden.

Thanks for the reply.
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post 30.Jan.2013, 08:57 PM
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Best way is to drive it from here as a Swedish vehicle. Perfectly legal as long as it is insured. You can drive it anywhere in Europe as long as the insurance is valid. The only time this changes is when you enter the country that you intend on importing it into you can only drive it for 7 days in that country. Once you are in the UK it is a pretty simple and straight forward process to register it. You can go to your Swedish insurance company and get a "green card" for the proof of insurance when outside of Sweden. The green card is not actually required any longer but it is dead handy to have, especially when driving in the UK. Using it in Denmark for a few months in between should not be an issue either as your insurance should cover you at at least the minimum required in any EU/EEA country. Just make sure you have both parts of the Swedish registration when you go to register it in the UK. When it is registered at the DVLC they are supposed to notify Transportstyrelsen that it has been permanently exported. Like I said, Supposed to. Transportstyrelsen have not notified DVLC in the UK about any of the 3 that I have brought here. Pretty sure you can notify Transportstyrelsen on their web site though.

If you try and do it the way you are talking you will most likely never be able to get UK insurance for the trip. UK insurance companies are a law unto themselves and obey none of the EU directives that I can see. They are a nightmare to deal with for anything outside the norm.

Good luck and enjoy the trip.
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post 31.Jan.2013, 12:06 PM
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Hay thanks that was very helpful, yes I totally agree about UK insurance company's I've had 3 different answers already from one company alone.

I have sent you PM hope you have the time to take a look.
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