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Help generating a faktura?

How to generate receipts for hobby income?

post 31.Jan.2013, 11:33 AM
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Hi everyone,

I have a full time job, but have begun to teach dance in my spare time. I have organized a weekend workshop, and will receive payments from participants. Now this is my question:

How do I generate receipts for participants? I fall into the same category as someone who has a full time job, but works as a yoga teacher/personal trainer/etc in her/his spare time and needs to generate receipts for payments received.

I checked on the Skatteverket site that this income falls into the category Hobbyverksamhet and I will declare it using the Income for a revenue generating hobby document on the Skatteverket site (Inkomst av tjänst för inkomstgivande hobby). But how do I generate receipts for workshop participants?

Tango man
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post 31.Jan.2013, 11:47 AM
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just print them out, or buy a receipt book ,Staples probably sells them. You can then hand write when folk pay you. Give them a serial number and have a little folder at home to keep track, so 12-15mths down this line, your tax return will be easy.

If you have to hire the hall etc. then make sure you get receipt for this, as it's an expense. Same if you buy a new CD of dance music, or whatever it is you're doing.
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post 31.Jan.2013, 11:49 AM
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You don't need a "faktura" really, just a receipt, "kvitto" på svenska smile.gif .

I found a template for you, just print them out:

NOTE: In the MOMS field, just put a dash like this: ------ , since hobbyverksamhet is not taxed under MOMS.

Make sure the receipts are numbered properly with consecutive numbers starting from 1. Sign them and that's it...

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post 31.Jan.2013, 11:53 AM
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Hello Tango,

You need to register your company first with skatteverket. Its very easy just find a documents on site about how to start own business. Then when you will get your company number after registration you can generate a bill using your organization number and then you have to pay tax for it as well. You need to also find out the tax ratio for hobbyverkesamhet then you can show on faktura (bill) how much you charge for service and how much you are liable to pay to skatteverket. After opening a company you will have a F-Tax account for which you will be liable but don't worry if you did not sell anything or provide service (did not generate faktura) you are not liable to pay anything.

So simple no customer (no earning) no tax.

Don't worry its not complicated its really easy to open it just read some documents and it will worth you more if you pay tax. Registering a company will also give you other benefits as well. Keep it mind doing without registration billing is illegal any of your client claim that you are doing black work.

If you want to know more about it or need help let me know we can talk in PM.
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post 31.Jan.2013, 12:09 PM
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Not strictly true, you don't need to register the company or company name at all.

Your personal number, is your business number or registration number in personal tax classifications.

you don't need to tell your customers on their receipt for payment how much you'll payin tax either.

as he is employed, I think he'll need FA registration, but this is different to registering a company, it's a personal tax classification.

Also if, when he registers he estimates her income as say 10,000 per annum, then he will pay tax on that prediction each month, until the end of that tax year, where once the returns are filled out, the tax owed balance is adjusted either way.

If you predict zero income or profit in year 1, only then will he pay zero tax in the first year.

Others may clarify, but that's how it worked for my F skatt registration, hobbies may be different.
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post 31.Jan.2013, 12:18 PM
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Please don't confuse OP rolleyes.gif . This falls under special hobbyverksamhet rules, no company or any complex accounting, MOMS, etc is necessary:


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post 31.Jan.2013, 02:19 PM
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Thanks everyone for your help, especially PDX for the kvitto template.

I was concerned that I needed a special type of registration, but since this would not be my primary source of income, or at best, it would be beer money for a weekend, I just did not want to get into trouble with Skatteverket.

So, it's as simple as print out receipts, keep track of costs, and make sure all of my accounting is in order.

F-skaatt as far as I understand is for organizations, so if it is a hobby (private), I don't need an F-Skatt number.
Like skagsbo and PDX, I looked up http://www.skatteverket.se/privat/blankett...f680006232.html, and double checked the Skatteverket definition of hobby. But was not sure if I needed to have an organizations number or what to do about MOMS.

Thank you for your help!

Tango Man
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post 31.Jan.2013, 04:55 PM
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I am looking for something similar to the original poster. I am setting up an internet retail site and need to generate invoices and/or receipts. I have setup an AB and need to abide by any Skatteverket legislation regarding this company form. I know that they have some pretty stringent rules regarding cash handling and till systems so I want to be on the right side of any rules regarding this. Does anyone know of any software that can issue such documents and keep a track of them so I can show the files to auditors or the tax office? If you know of something, especially bi-lingual Swedish/English that could link to a stock control program please let me know.



To the OP sorry for hijaking your thread!!! hopefully the results may be of interest to you too...
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