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The typical...or not...ex patriot.

What is so virtueous about you?

Gamla Hälsingebock
post 1.Feb.2013, 01:10 AM
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Joined: 21.Dec.2006

C'mon guys/gals tell us what is so good about you...that you need to bitch, moan and groan about your fate among the Swedish people...I mean they are so "yucky" in your eyes...what gives? cool.gif

Oh!...And by the way, comments about the "yuckiness" of ex pats are welcome also...and I know there won't be many comments about such "unyucky" and almost perfect examples of what human life on this planet is meant to be. rolleyes.gif

Buy...maybe one or two of you/us could try...Yes? laugh.gif

Do ALL of us possess "yucky" traits?

Is "yucky" in the eye of the beholder?????????
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post 1.Feb.2013, 02:21 AM
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Location: Gothenburg
Joined: 18.Jul.2012

Well said G.
In previous posts i have said that nobody is forced to live in Sweden. If they do not like it then move. If asylum seekers moan then pick another place for refuge.

I am fed up of people that maybe live here moaning about the country that they live in.
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post 1.Feb.2013, 02:45 AM
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Location: Europe
Joined: 28.Oct.2008

Bon voyage G.
In previous posts i have said that nobody is forced to read this forum. If they do not like it then move. If swedes moan then pick another web forum to read.

I am fed up of people that maybe comment on here and moaning about the subjects that are discussed.

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Gamla Hälsingebock
post 1.Feb.2013, 03:00 AM
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Joined: 21.Dec.2006

Byke, all your posts are moans about Sweden and it's people...we both know that...you want to be Swedish so bad your envy is irrationally displayed in bashing what you cannot be or achieve.

It must be hard to be you. cool.gif

OBTW...STFU! laugh.gif
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Seamus Sean
post 1.Feb.2013, 07:48 AM
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Joined: 4.Oct.2009

I guess ex patriot would cover many different nationalities, races and creeds, people from very wide and deverse backgrounds, religions and faiths, to try and paint a typical ex patriot would be a lot harder than say a typical Swede were the description would be dealing with just sterotype.

There is a thread at the moment dealing with the typical Swede and all the different quirks that makes them tick, I don´t think anyone has added the bit about the chip on the shoulder that would force them to start threads such as this but I guess if it fits the description then maybe it should be added along with all the others.

I feel it would be a negative trait not to be able to deal with general obversations from people not from the land who would view some of what makes the Swede different from other nationalities, such as the constant attacks by some Swedes who post here if their land is even slightly slighted.

But hey we are here so it can´t be all bad, just a wee bit different from time to time, so I guess the ex pat is easier going than than the natives...maybe?
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post 1.Feb.2013, 08:44 AM
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Location: Sweden
Joined: 12.Sep.2011

Why do we call ourselves Ex-pats and not immigrants? I am an immigrant and accept it. I have no intention of moving back and indeed do not refer to my birth country as my 'home' any longer. I love where I come from and long for it at times but it is not my home.

I think that as long as people refer to themselves as expats then they are placing a mental boundary between themselves and the 'natives'. I remember hearing some old ex-colonial codger saying .. "India would be a beautiful country if it were not for the damn wogs"...

Same mentality seems to exist with several posters here.It makes no difference what your skin colour, religion, education level or financial status... those of us who plan to stay here a long time are immigrants.
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post 1.Feb.2013, 10:41 AM
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Location: Stockholm
Joined: 21.Feb.2007

QUOTE (John.Smith @ 1.Feb.2013, 08:44 AM) *
Why do we call ourselves Ex-pats and not immigrants? I am an immigrant and accept it. I have no intention of moving back and indeed do not refer to my birth country as my ' ... (show full quote)

Interesting take on expat vs immigrant. In my eyes, I'm an immigrant because I intend to stay. If I were just here for a limited time because of my job I would consider myself an expat because my intention is to return to my home country. It seems that's kind of the same way my company uses the term as well when sending employees abroad.

Whether it's the right or wrong definition I have no idea, but that's the way I've heard it used *shrug*
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post 1.Feb.2013, 05:52 PM
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Location: Dalarna
Joined: 5.Apr.2006

QUOTE (Gamla Hälsingebock @ 1.Feb.2013, 03:00 AM) *
Byke,...you want to be Swedish so bad your envy is irrationally displayed in bashing what you cannot be or achieve.

I thought Byke *is* Swedish??
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post 1.Feb.2013, 06:27 PM
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Joined: 30.Dec.2009

QUOTE (byke @ 1.Feb.2013, 02:45 AM) *
nobody is forced to read this forum. If they do not like it then move. on .... I am fed up of people that maybe comment on here and moaning about the subjects that are discussed.. /Fixed

+1 byke.

I'd like to complain about posters complaining about complaining. Are they unaware that they are doing exactly same thing that they are complaining about? Complaining.
Irony, once again, lost in another galaxy.

Those seeking Sweden-is-fantastic tra-la-la-happy news, could turn to the Swedish Tourist Board website. Or simply click on TL's first page, where you'll find numerous Up-With-Sweden articles by ambassadors and other bloggers.
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post 1.Feb.2013, 06:28 PM
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Location: Stockholm
Joined: 7.Feb.2006

I'm an immigrant of 11 years.
I htink the local is the perfect place for a bitch and a moan. The very reason people do it here is surely not to offend Swedes but to sound of a bit and try and understand the issues from people with similar issues.

Blimey, when I lived in the UK, the Scandies that be-friended, which led to me moving here, bitched and moaned constantly about London. It's just human nature.
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post 1.Feb.2013, 06:59 PM
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Joined: 8.Aug.2012

Yes the local is a place to let off steam. Being an ex-pat anywhere for most people is not a bed of roses. It takes time and you have to go through a process of adjustment. I have been here a year and a half and this time last year I was convinced i had landed in some sort of science fiction film where the humans had been replaced by humanoids. A year on things are a lot better and feel the urge to bitch and moan less. Its as necessary that people try to put perspective on the bitching as it is to bitch. The most important thing I have learnt is that wherever you are you have the power to make yourself miserable or happy...well maybe not in North Korea...but even then life is to a large degree internal.
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post 1.Feb.2013, 09:41 PM
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Location: Stockholm
Joined: 5.Sep.2012

There are no perfect people. There are a lot of things I could say would irritate me about Swedish people, more so about stockholmers(being a country girl myself) but to be honest there are an equal number of issues I could outline with English people and others of different nationalities (like those curious vending machines in Japan... Oh lord that disturbs me.)

My conclusion therefore is that most people have 'problems' as defined by people coming from a different culture / country.

For instance, customer service in Sweden is, how to say this in a polite way... Awful, absolutely awful, probably the worst I've come across. And god forbid you should buy something that is faulty in this country, then god forbid you should want to return it to exchange it for the same thing (but not faulty)... *Tries not to rant.*

On the upside, I've saved a lot of money having moved to Sweden, because most of my experiences here have been so bad that I don't want to buy anything ^.^ So... I guess that's a good thing right?

However, on the flip side there are a lot of awesome things about this country as well.

I should say that I am not virtuous, I have my faults but I don't see the point in listing them.

I came here for a reason, I can't remember now... This thread distracted me...
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post 1.Feb.2013, 09:54 PM
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Joined: 26.Jul.2011

So you meantioned the negative sides, what are the positive ones?
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post 1.Feb.2013, 10:13 PM
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Joined: 22.Mar.2011

QUOTE (Elf_Moon @ 1.Feb.2013, 08:41 PM) *
There are no perfect people.. ..

And right there you reveal your windblown, rootless, ignorant, pathetic nature.
We are not about right and wrong. We are beyond good and evil. We are perfect because we exist.We become more perfect because we survive to the next generation. And because others dont. DEATH TO THE FLAWED! Is the eternal warcry of nature.
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post 1.Feb.2013, 10:18 PM
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Location: Stockholm
Joined: 5.Sep.2012

1. There are a proportion of cute blonde swedish men living in this country
2. I like the snow
3. Um... Hmmmm... *thinks*

Haha, no I'm only joking. Well partially about the blonde swedish men ^^ there are quite a few yummy men here, though only one I'm interested in smile.gif

Well I've not overly thought on it if I'm honest, I've made some Swedish friends and they are really nice and polite, not like english people who take joy in cruel jokes that only everybody but the one on the receiving end finds funny... I do like how polite people are here.

I absolutely love pickled fish.

I love the countryside, though if I'm honest I'm becoming rather desperate to find those elusive moose you are supposed to have running about in your forests -.-

I like the overall quality of vegetables you have in the slightly more up market food stores. You really would have to move heaven and earth to find good quality vegetables in England.

I would much rather list the bad points of England and point out where Sweden is better if I am honest.

-Health care is much better here. Where a doctor in the UK would tell you to take painkillers and deal with it, in Sweden you genuinely feel like they want to help you.
-Transport is much more timely here. In the UK I'd have to wait hours sometimes because a single snowflake fell on a sheep a few hundred miles away.

There are a few other things that for some reason refuse to come to mind.

I'd say though that there are really logically an equal number of downsides and upsides to living in Sweden, some compromises I've had to make and some rewards that have come out of it. A higher salary for instance, better internet connection. Compromises being less consumer choice for instance and perhaps trading in for a dubious political atmosphere ( I really find it quite strange here...) But I digress.

I think it's pretty normal to find fault, one really could find fault in anything.
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