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ID card for UK Citizen with personnummer

Can I apply anywhere apart from the skatteverket?

post 5.Feb.2013, 07:08 PM
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You will find particularly in regards to Americans that the buttocks chip becomes unreadable due to the massive density.
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post 5.Feb.2013, 08:26 PM
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QUOTE (oddsock @ 5.Feb.2013, 07:01 PM) *
Yes, there could be another American that looks just exactly the same, with the same name and birthday, who is going around buying booze at Systemet.You can never be too caref ... (show full quote)

Probably cheaper.
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post 5.Feb.2013, 09:44 PM
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QUOTE (intrepidfox @ 5.Feb.2013, 06:15 PM) *
I remember years ago an American that was 35 years old that was denied buying booze from the systembolaget because he had a passport.The passport is still not recognised as a ... (show full quote)

It depends how many years ago you are talking about? ...up until the biometric passports become more common, Sweden didn't even accept it's own issued passports as valid ID ...there had been problems for many many years with a large number of forged passports circulating.

You should find now that passports are valid id's, however, there are instances where they need ID Card for certain things ...eg. Parcel collection when enhanced id-check has been selected as the service, and sometimes when a bank card PIN does not work (or not accepted) when paying ...if the bank card is a Swedish issued one they sometimes have a rule that they can only accept Swedish ID for Swedish issued bank cards ...again, due to copied or stolen cards.
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post 7.Feb.2013, 03:40 PM
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I did not read full all post. But If you are student more than 1 year or doing job you can directly go to Skatteverket and can apply for swedish population ID card. You just need your passport and visa card to show them and fee paid. They will process your case and in a month you will get your card. They have changed the requirements.

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post 7.Feb.2013, 04:41 PM
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QUOTE (Yorkshireman @ 5.Feb.2013, 09:44 PM) *
It depends how many years ago you are talking about? ...up until the biometric passports become more common, Sweden didn't even accept it's own issued passports as val ... (show full quote)


"I'm sorry, Mr. 35 year old, but there is no biometric chip in your passport so I cannot prove that you are over 18 and therefore Systembolaget cannot sell you this can of beer."

Perfectly reasonable.
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