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Advice needed please

Disturbing incident with our dog

post 17.Feb.2013, 04:23 PM
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HI everyone,
I have been living in Sweden about a year and always check this forum but I am posting today because of something that has happened and I would like some advice about this because it feels very strange and were not being told the truth.
My GF and I live together, she has a dog which we both looked after but I have recently got a job where I work nights and my GF works during the day which made it difficult for both of us to take care of the dog.
We were having trouble finding a reliable dog minder and in the end we had to give her up to a woman who lives on a small farm about an hour drive from where we live. This afternoon she phoned us to say our dog was put down and cremated yesterday by a vet for attacking and killing one of her own dogs.
The thing is we cannot find any information via google search about this vet or animal/pet crematoriums open on the weekend. We are shocked and surprised at this and disturbed that this whole procedure happened so quick, she didn't even contact us yesterday to tell us about what happened and we feel were not being told the whole truth. She now won't even return our phone calls.
My question is there anyway to find out what could of happened to our dog, like cremation records..etc? We have the chip number and ID but its our registered information. Any advice of information would be greatly appreciated.
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post 17.Feb.2013, 04:35 PM
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A farmer would never pay a vet to put down and cremate a dog they'd only had a day. 3 options, they've sold it for a quick profit or given it away. 3rd but less likely ; shotgun and shallow hole in forest, but why would they take the dog off you in that case.
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Gamla Hälsingebock
post 17.Feb.2013, 04:49 PM
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"in the end we had to give her up to a woman"

You gave the dog to the woman...so now it's not your dog anymore...she put "her" dog down and then told you about it?...A bit confusing...Why did she call you if it was her dog, now? unsure.gif
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post 17.Feb.2013, 04:50 PM
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You can search for some info with regards teh dog in the register:

If you didn't register the transfer of ownership, then technically the dog is still yours, surely. So, the course of action would be to go to the police and say that the person you let look after your dog may have stolen it, and is telling you they put it to sleep, but will not give further details. Let the police handle it.
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post 17.Feb.2013, 04:55 PM
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We have been thinking the same Skogsbo and if she did kill her then it would be in revenge for her dog being killed and I do feel thats a terrible thing to happen but she should have contacted us and tell us what our dog did.
But the thing is that this woman is a member of missing people and runs a pet pensionat so we assumed she is of good character, but now don't know what to think only that were not being told the whole truth.
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post 17.Feb.2013, 07:35 PM
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was the dog often aggressive when you had her? did you sell the dog to the lady or was she just looking after the dog for you while you sorted yourself out? many questons...but to be honest, if i were you I would be going round there and demanding a proper explanation plus any records they have from the vet etc. If all else fails...you always have the option of reporting the issue to the police.
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post 17.Feb.2013, 07:45 PM
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I'm afraid it might have been a very special kind of farm and what happened may have just been a (lethal) accident... unsure.gif


The Local hosts many more articles on the topic.

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post 18.Feb.2013, 03:49 PM
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How very unpleasant for you but thankfully we have a poster on here who's knowledge knows no bounds, he gave three possibilities for what might have happened to your poor dog, amazing.
Apparently I do not even know what breed my own dog is. ohmy.gif
Wonders what his IQ must be, I'm surprised Mensa has not been in touch. wink.gif
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post 18.Feb.2013, 04:05 PM
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Don't let her babysit your kids.
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post 19.Feb.2013, 07:31 AM
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QUOTE (skogsbo @ 17.Feb.2013, 04:35 PM) *
A farmer would never pay a vet to put down and cremate a dog they'd only had a day. 3 options, they've sold it for a quick profit or given it away. 3rd but less likely ... (show full quote)

I tend to agree with this logic. It seems strange that a person who is supposed to be so familiar with dogs would not have the ability to understand that she needed to manage how the new dog is introduced to her other dogs. If your dog was aggressive towards other dogs, that would have been picked up straight away and managed accordingly.
If your dog did in fact attack and kill another dog then that is her fault, not the dogs. I would have thought that the first port of call would have been to contact you and ask you to take the dog back or else it would be put down.
It just sounds extremely fishy to me that she would have not kept an eye on the dogs (all of them) behaviour and monitored same.

Somethings amiss!
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post 19.Feb.2013, 07:47 AM
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QUOTE (Flutterbye @ 18.Feb.2013, 03:49 PM) *
How very unpleasant for you but thankfully we have a poster on here who's knowledge knows no bounds,

well, I have dogs and live on a farm in Sweden, so I consider that I have a more reasonable chance of 'guessing' the outcome than some.

Don't be bite, you'll start to sound like Hilary Mantel.

QUOTE (John.Smith @ 19.Feb.2013, 07:31 AM) *
Somethings amiss!

yeah, there is part of the story missing somewhere. Language barrier, perhaps the farmer thought she/he was being given the dog to dispose of ?
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