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Thoughts on the Rågsved neighborhood?

Opinions, tips, warnings...all welcome!

post 3.Mar.2013, 04:29 PM
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I just moved to Stockholm a few days ago to begin a PhD program at Stockholm University. Prior to moving here, I was lucky enough to secure an apartment with a girl who had contacted my department to see if there were presently any students seeking a room. The program coordinator contacted me and now here I am...in Rågsved.

Before I launch into my list of questions and complaints, I want to acknowledge how lucky I was to find such a huge room with an easy commute to school settled here in nature, as well as a friendly roommate. However...

My first impression isn't so great. Granted, I come from Brooklyn, New York so I'm used to a certain level of urbanity (markets, bodegas on every corner, dry cleaners, boutiques, etc.) and a general feeling of "neighborhoodiness." This area feels incredibly suburban and a little bit dated. I would love to go out and explore the neighborhood...but I'm not certain where to go. All it looks like there is are apartment buildings as far as the eye can see and the dated strip mall across from the t-bana station.

I could either stay here three months or infinitely. Also, the rent is $3500 SEK/month. What are your thoughts? Should I seek a room in a different area, or should I stay here? And if I stay here, I would be grateful for recommendations for grocery stores, restaurants, liquor stores, dry cleaners and general attractions.

Finally, I realize that Rågsved isn't unique in the way it feels urban; I know many Swedes live in areas like this and commute to the city, but how does this area compare to others? Is it safe? What kind of people live here (students, families, etc.)?

Thanking you for your help in advance. My roommate hasn't been terribly forthcoming with this kind of information.
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post 3.Mar.2013, 06:49 PM
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we call it Drogsved "drugsved" in general not a very nice place to live
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Children Of Adam
post 3.Mar.2013, 06:57 PM
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You would get a lot of negative comments from nazist in this forums about Malmö but to be honest, The area is much more better and safer than NY.

Sometimes shits happens and it happens all over the world, just live and experience and let us know after a month about positive and negative stuff you experienced there.
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post 3.Mar.2013, 07:25 PM
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Well that's good to hear because I never really felt unsafe in New York, no matter where I lived. I think it's just the fact that the neighborhood is so spread out that's going to take some getting used to.
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