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Hair salons in Stockholm

Are they qualified?

post 11.Apr.2013, 11:23 AM
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I was looking around for professional hair salons in Stockholm to cut my hair. To my surprise, most hair salons are run by either Iranian-Swedish or Arabian-Swedish immigrants. I'm a bit skeptical to let them cut my hair, so ended up paying 860 Kr in Toni & Guy.

Thus I was wondering, are those so called hairstylist has the qualification ? or are they just open the salon without any experiences ?

By the way, I also observed how they perform the cutting. What they do is just put up the hair and cut it!!! no technique at all. Avoid them if you can.
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post 11.Apr.2013, 01:01 PM
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They would need some basic qualification but whether or not they trained as stylists would be a different issue. I got hacked at a 'barber shop' run by a Syrian guy in Arlanda a few months ago.

The bugger charged me 280kr for the pleasure too.
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post 11.Apr.2013, 02:58 PM
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QUOTE (Localer @ 11.Apr.2013, 11:23 AM) *
I was looking around for professional hair salons in Stockholm to cut my hair. To my surprise, most hair salons are run by either Iranian-Swedish or Arabian-Swedish immigrants ... (show full quote)

860:- you must be mental or extremely rich. I go to a barbers that is an old Swedish man that has been cutting hair all his life for 120:-. No complaints at all. 30 years ago i went to scissors on the Kings Road, Chelsea paid £20 and it was crap.
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post 11.Apr.2013, 10:22 PM
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I have been going to Beauty Center on Roslagsgatan (Vasastan) since I moved here. Zofia does a fantastic job cutting and coloring my hair and her prices are reasonable. Who cares where people come from if they do a great job?
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post 11.Apr.2013, 10:30 PM
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I think they are allowed work at a salon without the qualifications, but I think that most places would require the hairdresser to have a "gesällbrev" (I don´t know this word in English, maybe like journeyman's certificate or apprentice diploma or somehing like that?). These are often visible on the wall of the salon and on the salons website. In Stockholm they get their gesällbrev and mästarbrev at a ceremony in the City hall (the same place where they Nobel Price party is held).

To get that you need to have a hair dresser education, usually three years at "gymnasiet", and then work for 1500 hours, after that you will be able to do a test, and if you pass that you get a "gesällbrev". After that, when the hair dresser has worked for 6 years or something, they could do a test and get the degree of master.
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