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Amazon UK item

Electronic item from UK

post 3.Jun.2013, 07:40 PM
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Planning to buy this from
and get it delivered it to Gøteborg.
Is it ok with the plug/socket between UK and Sweden.

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post 3.Jun.2013, 07:51 PM
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No it's not, Add a converter plug to your order . amazon sell them.

or if you are handy you can cut the british plug off and put a swedish one on yourself. ( buy the plug end from Clas Ohlson for example)
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post 3.Jun.2013, 10:47 PM
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you mean like this one.
Looks pretty cheap.

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post 3.Jun.2013, 11:47 PM
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Wow that is cheap and way cheaper than DIY from Clas Ohlson

definitely get one of those for your appliance.
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post 4.Jun.2013, 04:01 PM
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QUOTE (animesh @ 3.Jun.2013, 10:47 PM) *
you mean like this one.. Looks pretty cheap.. http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B000MVDD2E

Are you sure they can delivery that adapter to Sweden? If so I want to buy some too...
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post 4.Jun.2013, 04:04 PM
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Looks like they will ship, but £34.99 P&P :-)
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post 4.Jun.2013, 04:07 PM
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its cheaper to fly over tongue.gif at only £15 per flight from säve ! however if you know of someone going back to the UK you can always get them to get you one? or failing that there's a British rip off shop in gbg you can visit and they might have an adaptor or you can get one from the airport for a high price !
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post 4.Jun.2013, 04:12 PM
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These on the other hand are £1.20 ea and £1.50 postage for as many as you like:

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post 4.Jun.2013, 09:49 PM
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I am planning to buy some more baby stuff from amazon UK , so delivery is no problem .
a lot of stuff is like 50% the price.
And actually i live in Norway and getting delivered it in Gothenburg to a friend and would "smuggle" it across the border.\
Probably buying a lot of stuff that i don't need.
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Amber Dawn
post 5.Jun.2013, 01:00 PM
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We buy about 75% of our baby things from Amazon UK. The shipping is free if is not a third-party item. Pampers sensitive wipes are 1/2 price. Amazon Family will send you a free nappy bin, though I find that pointless. Toys are MUCH cheaper for the same items sold here. Lamaze toys are about 1/3 of the cost, though since they are made n Hong Kong, it's even cheaper to order from eBay.
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post 5.Jun.2013, 01:15 PM
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Long live the EU.
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post 5.Jun.2013, 02:15 PM
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Do you have a list or something that you bought from UK for the newborn?
I am having a hard time finding the right stuff and the stuff that i would really need.

Also , any tips on prams.
Was looking for something like mountain buggy urban jungle but is supremely expensive here.
amazon.com have it for half the price but they won't ship to Sweden sad.gif
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Amber Dawn
post 6.Jun.2013, 04:53 AM
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For our pram, we just bought here. We got a fantastic deal on a Brio Go at a BabyProffsen open house in Skövde. I think we paid 4000:-. We bought the matching carseat and base and have loved it. Amazon's prams seem to suck. I would suggest getting one that you can clip the carseat directly to instead of always having to use the pram part. It has been a godsend when she's been sleeping in the car and we need to run in somewhere. We did buy a great Summer Infant pram sunshade on Amazon. Get accessories there. (mosquito net, sun shade, rain shade.) You can buy a matching from your manufacturer, but we've found other brands to be fine.

We really wanted a rocking chair/glider and those seem to be a rarity here. IKEA has what they call a rocker and it was impossible to get up and down with a baby. We found a great glider on Amazon for around £100. We use it daily.

Due to personal issues, we ended up bottle feeding after two months and our daughter preferred the MAM bottles. They are MUCH cheaper on Amazon than in stores or Apoteket. If you need any bottles, buy from Amazon. We also bought a MAM microwave sterilizer and think it's fantastic. We get pacifiers there, too. Soon we'll be buying teethers.

We buy diapers here, since they are more environmentally friendly and the savings isn't substantial. (My friend has family in Oslo and travels every few months to stock up on diapers. Apparently they are 1/2 price in Norway.) Wipes, however, are much cheaper on Amazon. You can get a case of Pampers Sensitive Wipes for £12 which is 12 packs. The cheapest I have seen them here is 6 packs for 99:- when Willy's had a sale.

If you want a baby gym, go for Amazon. We got the Fisher Price Rainforest Gym with lights and sounds for £45. It retails for 769;- here. If you want a mobile, go with Amazon. Many of the same items are half price. Prices are ridiculous here. (Our daughter LOVES her mobile.)

We ordered our swing from Amazon US. I had a specific model I wanted and it wasn't available in Europe. I paid a lot for shipping, but still paid less total than one that comes anywhere close to what this one does. They aren't necessary, but it's sure nice to have a free few minutes when she has been fussy.

We got a Thermoscan ear thermometer through Amazon. We buy the lens covers there, too.

We ordered our baby bath from Amazon. We just ordered a UV tent for the beach. The toys and books we want for her are listed there.

Since I am American and my family is back home, we made a wish list for my daughter that her grandmother can go on and send her gifts without the hassle. I found that to be convenient, since my mother has somewhat garish taste. wink.gif A few friends used the list to send gifts when she was born.

The one thing we found to be far more useful that we imagined was our Boppy breastfeeding pillow. You can't get a Boppy on Amazon, (we got ours in the US) but there are similar models and you can get them (for a lot more money) here in Sweden. It's so awesome to prop her on for feedings, since I have a long torso, but it also acts as a little chair to prop her up to sit and it's a great wedge when practicing tummy time to strengthen her neck. I think she feels like a big girl when she can sit up on her own. Many parents love the Bumbo sitter for that, (again, MUCH cheaper on Amazon than in stores) but I like the soft pillow better.

The trick is to pick the department you want to search and then scroll down and on the left-hand side, choose Seller: Amazon UK. Then, all the search items that pop up will be shipped here for free. (some random items don't ship here, but we've only run into that with one outfit and a Coleman tent.) If you have any questions, I would be glad to help, if I can. Lycka till!
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Amber Dawn
post 6.Jun.2013, 01:01 PM
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I figured I would also add the things from IKEA we found particularly useful in the newborn stage. We're into saving where we can and realized quickly that she won't care at all when it comes to what was purchased at IKEA and what we paid 5x more for at a baby store.

We bought our crib mattress at IKEA, though she has yet to sleep in her crib. They are the most environmentally friendly mattresses and they have been named best in test. I am hoping we can make ourselves move her soonish. She usually naps in her pram and sleeps with us in a baby nest.

They have a few cute crib duvet sets. We wanted to have several inexpensive sets so we could wash until they were super soft. Since she doesn't sleep in a crib, we use them in her pram.

TORVA baby blankets- These are lightweight and super soft. The prints aren’t great (nothing in their current baby prints is all that cute, IMO) but they are extremely useful and much more affordable than what they sell at baby stores.

Sovpåsar- they have several. These are particularly useful during the cold months if they baby sleeps in a crib. They give the baby the cover of a blanket without the fear of getting tangled.

KRAMA Tvättlapp- These are just plain white wash cloths with colorful tabs. A friend suggested them, so we bought four packs of 10. When the baby was four weeks, we went back and bought six more packs. We keep them stacked on the changing table and in the diaper bag and use them for spitting up or clean up. We like it better than using disposable wipes for clean up. They are seriously handy.

They have some nice changing tables. I would recommend something like HENSVIK if you have room for a piece of furniture. We have a changing table that was given to us, so it’s more like a clothing chest with a changing table on top. It’s awesome because there is LOTS of room for organizing. You’ll need a changing pad. IKEA sells an inflatable model, but I can’t find it online anymore. You may need to get one elsewhere. IKEA does have some simple covers for them called GULLUNGE. I would suggest at least two packs of those, more if you can’t wash often.

Bagis Barngalge- These are the cheapest children’s clothes hangers we have found and they take up less room than the wooden hangers they sell elsewhere. Again, we started off with five packs, I think. We bought seven more last week.

Kalas bowls - We use these for clean up, storing little things and whatever pops up. They are handy. We'll be buying the matching items when she moves on to solids. The colors are nice and they are cheap enough that you don't have to worry about messing them up.

If you have pets, you may want a couple of baby gates now. If not, you’ll probably need them eventually. The IKEA gates are great and easy to install. Join IKEA Family for great savings on safety items. They are 549:- without IKEA Family and 349:- with.

Our daughter isn’t big enough for toys yet, but we’re going to get her most of IKEAs stuff, I think. Their toy kitchen and work bench are adorable and I love that their toy utensils look just like the real ones.
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post 7.Jun.2013, 10:56 PM
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You are the best amber dawn.
You can not imagine how much your detailed post has helped us.
And special thanks from my wife.
1. You say about mam bottles.
But thought Avent was the most commonly used .
Is it ok to order those.
They are cheaper on amazon than in stores here.
2.nursing pillow , I found this one on amazon.
What say

Baroo Beige Stars Nursing Pillow (Beige) by Baroo
Permalink: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B008H33JL4

3.i am having a hard time to find baby nest /co sleeper.
Can you suggest something for that.
I beleive that is the thing which is used most.

Baby gym ,we found this one better than Fischer price.?
Bright Starts Spots and Stripes Safari Gym by Kidsii
Permalink: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0051POJQA

All ikea stuff , I think we have already bought or will surely buy after your advice.
I will keep you updated.
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