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Gothenburg road tax

Late post...

post 16.Jun.2013, 09:28 AM
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Morning all,

Would like to know if anybody has been caught by a late delivery on the monthly road toll tax bills that they send out.
I had a bill for 8kr, for some reason I didn't notice the due by date on the form and now have to pay 500kr for it being 2 days late. From what I can see, you get the bill easily 3 weeks after the 'sending date' and possibly later - which only gives you a few days to pay...take note.

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post 16.Jun.2013, 11:23 AM
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Yet another reason to advocate the restriction of this tax to the city centre, since most of those who praise its existence live there, and not in the suburbs, especially Hisingen, who are unjustly hit.
But then, will the Gbg counsellors do anything about it? Most doubtful, since there is too much prestige at stake.
Don't you just love that council?
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post 16.Jun.2013, 03:47 PM
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but they know they have the passing trade by the ball$, in winter if I head up to Norway skiing and climbing, I can go straight north - Trysil way, or a slightly zigzag line from jonkoping across to the coast, but both take a little longer, so I'm stuck with paying a city centre congestion charge, whilst driving from one country to another, on a motorway!!

The charge is too small for passers-by like me to change plans, but there is a risk that the very small fee, gets lost in the array of far more important things, like in the OPs case. Just from a single trip to Norway and back, I can often get 4 different letters / bills to pay for road tolls, a centralised system would be far better, where you buy credits for your car or something, which works all over Scandinavia.

It can't be time and cost efficient for them either, posting letter out across borders, computer searches for owner details across borders etc.
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post 17.Jun.2013, 08:20 AM
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QUOTE (BL @ 16.Jun.2013, 09:28 AM) *
From what I can see, you get the bill easily 3 weeks after the 'sending date' and possibly later - which only gives you a few days to pay...take note.

Göteborg have the same system as Stockholm, which in theory means that the bill comes the month after travel and has a due date as the end-of-month following the month of sending. eg. Pass a pay station in May, bill sent during June, due date will be end-July. This was changed from the absolutely horrible original processing which gave us in Stockholm 10 days to pay directly after passing a pay station angry.gif it was changed after many complaints. It is now being proposed that the 500:- fine for late payment be reduced, but can't remember how far that has gone yet.
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post 17.Jun.2013, 08:46 AM
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given the ability to link your Swedish bank account to just about most things in Sweden as online security, there must be a way to register a bank account or card, to a vehicle, then tolls are paid directly and you can look online to review them.

Some will argue that people could just drive on another person's number plate, but the same could happen now.

It could be that they like the extra income fines generate and a more efficient system is not in their interest. sad.gif
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post 17.Jun.2013, 02:04 PM
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Passes subject to congestion tax made by a vehicle through a control point in Stockholm or Gothenburg during one calendar month are aggregated in the form of a tax decision during the following month. The amount is to be paid in arrears. It is not possible to make a congestion tax payment directly at a control point. The maximum amount per day, city and vehicle is SEK 60.
How to submit a payment

The Swedish Transport Agency will send a payment slip to the owner of the vehicle at the end of each month showing the total amount charged for the previous calendar month. The payment slip will also include information about the number of passages and the amount per day. This tax must have been paid into the Swedish Transport Agency's congestion tax account no later than on the date stated on the payment slip.

Do you want to pay in a way other than by using the attached payment slip? Note that each month's tax decision must be paid for separately. Always state the OCR number and account number shown on the payment slip. Please note that the Swedish Transport Agency has new account numbers for the monthly payment of congestion tax by bank giro

The owner of the vehicle is responsible for paying the tax on time, even if they have not received a payment slip. You can get information about your tax decisions by logging onto the service My tax decision and Provisional daily amounts or by calling Customer Services on +46 (0)771-29 29 29.

Please note that a surcharge of SEK 500 will be made if the tax is not paid on time.


You can pay for your congestion tax by Autogiro. With Autogiro, the congestion tax will automatically be paid on time and you will not have to keep an eye on how much tax should be paid.

Find out more about paying via Autogiro (in Swedish only)

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post 17.Jun.2013, 02:45 PM
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QUOTE (Eiad @ 17.Jun.2013, 02:04 PM) *
Passes subject to congestion tax made by a vehicle through a control point in Stockholm or Gothenburg during one calendar month are aggregated in the form of a tax decision du ... (show full quote)

I think everyone here knows all this already.

But, we are all making similar points in the lack of efficiency in the system, in collecting very small amounts by the standard 30 day invoice rules. When it could be entirely electronic, or in the case Gothenburg, just not charge people who are simply passing the city using the motorways and have no intention of even stopping for a pee with 5km of the city centre.
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post 18.Jun.2013, 12:27 AM
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Yes unfortunately the problem for Gothenburgs political nobility is that there is no congestion in Gothenburg that can be taxed to the level they need to fund their crazy Wasa scheme to give Gothenburg a railway tunnel with a couple of stations in areas that will see no new development. In other countries you build a new transport system to expand the city or to connect areas that see lots of people movement every day, however that is not the case in Gothenburg. Rather they have decided to build a railway station in Haga which is already fully built up or protected space. There is no provision to connect for example the airport with the city, nor is there any plans to connect the large workplaces on Hisingen with where people live by public transport.

Overall, discounting lost VAT revenue, deductions in state and commune taxation and corporation taxes on the money spent on congestion tax the state as a whole is estimated to get another 10 million kronor in revenue.

There is currently no calculation that can be done to any great certainty on how much it will cost to build the railway tunnel. Large amounts of the costs are still unknown. For example, there is no estimate on how much it will cost to replace or repair underground pipes and cabling. That is still being debated in Fullmäktige. There is no idea how much it will cost to freeze the clay between the points where rock meets clay. When the Göta tunnel was built it 60% of the 3.5 mdr kr cost went to freeze those points. Hallandsåstunnel had 0. The city tunnel in Stockholm has 2 and cost 16 mdr kr. In this Wasa experiment there are 10 such points. Each point needs perhaps a 17 m hole in the ground from the surface so that they can get down the point they need to freeze. And they don't know where they want to put the clay they dug out.

I wouldn't surprised if the cost of this project will run into hundreds of billions kr.
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post 18.Jun.2013, 06:31 AM
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I suspect that have tunnel envy from Malmo.
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post 18.Jun.2013, 07:12 AM
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QUOTE (skogsbo @ 17.Jun.2013, 01:45 PM) *
But, we are all making similar points in the lack of efficiency in the system, in collecting very small amounts by the standard 30 day invoice rules. When it could be entirely ... (show full quote)

It costs around 3,5:- to send an invoice, they have special deals for postage etc... When it was first introduced in Stockholm one had to pay at Pressbyrå or 7-11 and other shops, or have a transponder in the car that was linked to your bank account ...that was dropped eventually. Being all electronic doesn't always save money, sometimes there are cheaper alternatives, plus people complained about the system and the risk of having money taken from accounts with fake number plates, foreign cars (Finland has similar number system and people in Sweden have received bills that have never been to Stockholm biggrin.gif ).

It gets even more stupid in Stockholm ...now the latest complaint is that public transport is over-crowded at peak travel times, so the latest brainwave being floated around is the introduction of congestion fees on public transport via variable ticket pricing depending upon the time of day rolleyes.gif .

It is just a shift of tax revenue sources, rather than hit income tax they raise money indirectly so it is hidden and only moaned about for a short period after introduction ... just read the latest quarterly report from teh EU Commission about Tax Revenues across Member States, there is a clear large notable shift from tax revenues from income to increased taxation on energy use.
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post 18.Jun.2013, 07:30 AM
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It's just the same as a PFI, where the private company also make a profit, because the end user pays more? Either way, I think it is a sign that big ticket infrastructure items, can't be funded in traditional ways, unless they educate people that in order to have such luxuries, they need to pay more tax.

For me sending invoices out for amount under 10kr is not logical, but if 1 in a 100 forget to pay on time, then perhaps it pays for itself. There could be fraud now, you just have to argue it before you pay up. Plenty other roads in the world have an electronic card, that you just hold up or sit on the dashboard, which is read automatically as you pass the scanner, this could be personal and you can move it from car to car. Even the Severn Bridge had this over a decade ago, probably nearer 20 years.

My last trip from Smaland to Lillehammer, generated 4 different invoices, I think I was only on 2 different motorways/trunk roads, but still managed 4 bills! That can't be efficient.

Regardless of the system, there will be fraud, when they plan it out, they just accept a 1,5,10% margin of fraud and the lost revenue into the budget plan. Even in the future when every car will probably have an inbuilt GPS tracker, there will still be fraud.
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post 19.Jun.2013, 12:40 PM
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Göteborgs Posten has one journalist who is so pro Västlänken it has to be seen to be believed, and today he has an article about the profitability - Västlänken har blivit lönsam - what the hell - it hasn't even been built yet and it is already profitable ??? What planet does Ulf Nyström live on I wonder.
With the way these grandiose projects are calculated with oh such positive figures, when the final bill is paid the costs will doubtless have doubled - due to 'unforeseen circumstances'.
All to the glory??? of the current ruling politicians and their fore(hind) sight. Even Trafikverket is shouting out how positive it will all be.
For a small city that must have a three station underground - on, or rather, in the infamous Gothenburg clay.
There is so much prestige in this project that as things stand it simply has to roll on, yet still having traffic from north to south, and from the east to all points of the compass, all passing more or less through the centre. They are not doing much other than taxing everyone for the doubtful privilege of passing through instead of helping them to pass round. But then they would lose on the 'congestion tax'.
The State Auditors have criticised the project, adding a further 20-35 billion crowns to the bill, but Trafikverket, for some unaccountable reason, does not agree. But then they wouldn't since they are part of the prestige that is building up.
Am I glad I no longer live near Gbg.

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post 19.Jun.2013, 03:29 PM
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The problem with Gbg is that the politicians are corrupt and GP is now just an advert paper that takes all it´s news from text tv.
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Abe L
post 2.Jul.2013, 09:32 PM
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Common problem with Transportstyrelsen and not exclusive to Gothenburg toll, we've had a number, actually a growing number of incidents about invoices not arriving and then getting bumped with 500sek. Just like you, 30sek invoices not showing up then the first reminder automatically being 530sek. But it also happened with the regular vehicle tax for some of our vehicles this year, only arrived for 3/4 and those all arrived on the same day. Ironically the reminder does always seem to make it as then they have already gained the additional revenue and when that concerns a near factor 20 it's not a bad day for them.

We called about and just like Elad said, as it's a tax you are apparently responsible for paying it regardless of wether your invoice makes it or not. Ironically it's only transportstyrelsen that seems to have this issue with mail not making it. We spoken to them on the phone about that a few times with no effect, they just don't care as they are in no position to need to improve or help anyone that they victimise with this tax in the first place. We're planning on talking to a lawyer about it as it's practically impossible to pay it without properly receiving the invoice. I do not permit autogiro from any organisation.
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post 3.Jul.2013, 05:36 PM
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In today's GP (Göteborgs Posten) there is an article about new parking places and centres.
They are all to be financed by the motorist in the form of increased parking fees virtually everywhere in the city. So now the motorist will finance the parking places, and then pay for the privilege of actually parking there - if he/she can afford the fees that is to say.
Nothing is to be financed by the taxpayer, and of course the revenue will go to the parking owners, despite the 'owners' being the very motorist who parks there, having already financed it through increased fees.
Car-friendly Gothenburg? Not with the existing ruling council. Yet they welcome the car makers there ! ! !

I might add that I shall never subscribe to the council coffers, since I will never visit that city again whilst it is necessary to pay for that doubtful privilege. There are plenty of other towns who actually welcome the motorist, just passing through or not as the case may be.
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