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Cost of living in Gavle Sweden?

For a student

post 9.Aug.2013, 07:54 PM
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i plan on going to the university of Gavle in two years, how much money will i need to survive per month? i wont go out to partys or do anything "fun" i just need food, and shelter, is it likely that i can work on saturdyas and school holidays at minimum wage? is that enough to survive?

i dont really want to share with other ppl, but i will if i have to, and i wont eat expensive food, just enough to survive on

what is the average rent price in Gavle for the smallest studio type thing ever?

and can you give me examples of food prices? e.g. the name of the foods, and there prices?

also, i have braces, can i get free orthodontic treatment in sweden?

please don't direct me to a cost of living website, those things are never accurate

thank you
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post 10.Aug.2013, 12:19 AM
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You might be able to get a studio apartment for about 3000 kr/month, but if you are willing to share, I think you could get a room in a students korridor (you have a room and a bathroom, but share kitchen with some other people) for about 1 400 kr/month.
The average Swede spend about 2000 kr on food/month, but that can be cut if you bake your own bread, dont eat a lot of meat, each things like soup often.
Tell us what you usually eat and we can try to tell you what those things usually costs. Sweden is the forth most expensive country in Europe when it comes to food.

Here are some exemples:
2 kg of sugar: 20 kr.
2 kg of flour: 20 kr.
1 loaf of bread: 25 kr
1 l of milk: 10 kr
1 box of eggs (6 eggs): 15 kr
1 kg of minced meat: 60 kr
1 kg of potatoes: 8 kr
1 kg of bananas: 20 kr

It´s not very likely that you will be able to get a part time job in Gävle, since that is one of the places in Sweden where unemployment is the highest, so make sure you bring enough savings to get by without a job.

Swedish students have about 9000 month (loan+benefits) and about half of them have a really hard time to get by on that budget, but it is possible. So, if you bring about 216 000 kr with you, you would be able to survive in Sweden for two years, I think.
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post 10.Aug.2013, 06:17 AM
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does the university arrange the shared accommodation for the students? or do i have to find it myself?

i need to be there for 4 years to complete my degree, not 2

is there anyway that i can get any financial assistance of some sort? (that i don't have to pay back?)

and will employment in Gavle be better in 2 years ?

i am willing to anything as a part time job, and i'm sure many swedish students go out and have fun and enjoy themselves, bars, clubs etc. well i won't be doing any of that

and i just need food that gives me enough nutrition that i won't die, i don't need anything specific
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post 10.Aug.2013, 10:13 AM
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Oh, sorry i misread, "in two years" means "two years from now" of course, not "for two years"... About the financial help I dont know, there might be some scholarship or something like that.

In many cities it´s hard to get some place to live, but in Gävle they garantie that students will get some were to live, thats good, but I think you arrange it yourself, but I´m not sure.
Here is one link about how you can apply:

I have no idea if there will be more jobs in Gävle in 2 years from now. I think there are a lot of students and others who would do anything as a part time job. There are about 6600 unemployed people in Gävle, many of them speak Swedish, have a degree, and work experience, and would do anything to get a job. Some of them has been unemployed for years. To get a job you have to prove that you are better choice than all of them. I´m not saying you cant do it, maybe you can, but dont count on it. Make sure you learn fluent Swedish before you come, then you might be able to get a job, but it will still be hard.
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post 10.Aug.2013, 11:20 AM
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i'm afraid i wont b able to learn any swedish before i go, i simply do not have the time, and i have been told that the vast majority of swedish people are fluent in english, therefore it shouldn't be much of a problem

can you recommend me doing anything while i'm there for money?

and how do i found out about scholarships and financial assistance?
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post 10.Aug.2013, 06:14 PM
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Yes, most Swedes speak English, so if they plan to hire someone, most companies rather hire someone who speaks both languages rather than just one, I think.

Contact arbetsförmedlingen to learn about the work situation in Gävle and if it´s will be possible for you to find some work.

If I were in your situation I would contact places like McDonalds, they might not care if you dont speak Swedish if you are just flipping burgers or cleaning and stuff.

I think the university should be able to tell you if there are any sholarships that you can apply for. Send them a mail at studentcentrum@hig.se
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