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How is HVAC business in Sweden?

Heating Ventilating Air-Conditioning

post 31.Jul.2014, 10:14 PM
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This might be too spesific topic for this forum but i haven't got enough information on my field.

I am planning to move to Sweden and i have no idea about the HVAC sector in Sweden...

Is there a big market for VRF products here, or is it a chiller market mostly?

Are there other domestic producers (else than Nibe etc.) ?

Would be grateful to hear any information ...

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Abe L
post 1.Aug.2014, 12:55 PM
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Plenty of work but you need to get certified through a program that's only available in Swedish so that's your biggest roadblock. Electricians in Sweden otherwise make an unusual lot of money compared to just about every other non-Scandinavian country.
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post 2.Aug.2014, 01:33 PM
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QUOTE (Abe L @ 1.Aug.2014, 11:55 AM) *
Plenty of work but you need to get certified through a program that's only available in Swedish so that's your biggest roadblock. Electricians in Sweden otherwise make ... (show full quote)

I see, could you tell me the name of the program Abe L?

I am a mechanical engineer, do you think that program also covers mechanics as well as electricians?
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post 2.Aug.2014, 06:23 PM
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Visit this page

This was a subject raised a couple of years back, with the results as shown. This topic may be of a little assistance.

You will probably need to be both plumber and electrician, as they are coupled in today's systems.
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post 4.Aug.2014, 12:18 PM
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Myst, you didn't say if you were looking for work on the tools, or for design work. As has been posted, you would need to gain accreditation for practical installation work in Sweden. Most employers would require that in order to use you on ROT subsídised work. If you have the capabilities for design work then the requirements from employers are a lot more flexible. There is a continuing shortage of experienced designers in the industry in Sweden. The result has been that employers have been forced into accepting new young graduates from a rather low level 2 year theoretical training course. They can size pumps and fans, but that's about the extent of their knowledge. It is a major problem today. If you can demonstrate a reasonable level of technical knowledge and experience then employers are more likely to look past any lack of local formal qualifications.
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