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Options for delivery in Malmö

What's the replacement for Amazon?

post 1.Aug.2014, 11:18 PM
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Arriving in Malmö soon I am wondering how to replace the websites I use on a weekly basis to order
- pets food, litter and equipment
- books, games, arts and craft, toys for ourselves and our daughter
- groceries

I assume there are websites in swedish to buy all of this and get it delivered, may be I can use them with help from google translate?

Thanks for your help!


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post 2.Aug.2014, 03:36 PM
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QUOTE (Ichidini @ 1.Aug.2014, 10:18 PM) *
HiArriving in Malmö soon I am wondering how to replace the websites I use on a weekly basis to order- pets food, litter and equipment- books, games, arts and craft, toys for ... (show full quote)

Hi Audrey

Amazon delivers to Sweden but you have to pay for shipping. There isn't a Swedish equivalent. Having said this many stores have online shopping and/or home delivery options. I tend to buy up on books and clothes when I travel abroad, because it's cheaper and the variety is much wider. Below are some websites to get you started. If you have any other specific needs just ask, most places (at minimum) have a home delivery option these days.

Just a word of warning: for smaller items (excluding groceries) usually they will be posted to you and dropped off at the nearest post office point. For me, that is actually further away than the shopping mall, so it's kinda worthless. It would depend on your individual circumstances. Things like books are nearly always cheaper online, groceries are cheaper if you go to the store yourself. So you have some pros and cons to weigh up.

You can buy books online at:






Sporting equipment:




Pet food, litter and equipment:


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