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Plumbing, Labor Cost?

DIY Plumbing Work but Need to Charge Landlord

post 24.Aug.2014, 01:04 PM
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Hello all,

I have a clogged kitchen sink and a leaking toilet water tank. I can do the work myself but I need to send an invoice to my landlord first so he can approve the cost and then deduct it from my rent.

Anyone have any idea how much that type of work would cost? What's the cost of labor a plumber would charge?

I can call a plumber and ask but I'll wait as a last resort for that. I don't want follow up promotion calls or to be put on a phone advertisement list.

Thanks y'all.
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post 24.Aug.2014, 01:13 PM
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QUOTE (garcialevis @ 24.Aug.2014, 01:04 PM) *
Hello all,I have a clogged kitchen sink and a leaking toilet water tank. I can do the work myself but I need to send an invoice to my landlord first so he can approve the cost ... (show full quote)

Ours charges 450kr an hour plus materials, then we get rotavdrag so it costs 225kr an hour.
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post 24.Aug.2014, 01:34 PM
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If I was your landlord I'd see what was blocking the sink, probably food you shoved down? Then decide if you fix the toilet for free, we'll call it evens!! wink.gif

Plumbers around 500kr, but as it's bathroom work and if it leaks again, your landlord's tenancy insurance would be void if he / she tries to claim for any water damage in the future (potentially).

if it's a simple job on the toilet, do it for 500kr plus parts in total and maintain decent relations?
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post 24.Aug.2014, 02:00 PM
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QUOTE (garcialevis @ 24.Aug.2014, 12:04 PM) *
I have a clogged kitchen sink and a leaking toilet water tank.

It doesn't matter whether you can do the work or not, the question you need answering isn't how much it will cost but whether the landlord has rules about who can do the work and if they use their own people, service company or indeed allow you to do it yourself. Certain things maybe (e.g. the clogged sink, which you probably could not recharge back) and they may want to handle the leaking water tank themselves for insurance purposes.
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post 24.Aug.2014, 08:21 PM
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Thank you all for your responses. Four hundred fifty and 500kr corresponds with the hourly average wage I found online for plumber wages. And that doesn't include VAT, transportation cost, and other fees plumbers may charge.

Now I have a base to work with and let my landlord know. Thank you for your help.
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Gamla Hälsingebock
post 24.Aug.2014, 11:47 PM
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Why don't you talk to the landlord and tell him about those problems???

And then see what happens!!!
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