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Muslim man fired for not shaking women's hands
File photo of people shaking hands. Photo: Anders Wiklund/TT

A man is suing a local council in Sweden after he lost his job for refusing to shake hands with female colleagues.

Isis: Sweden calls for talks to discuss plans
Peter Hultqvist. Photo: Henrik Montgomery

The global coalition fighting Isis in Iraq and Syria will meet in Sweden in September to discuss how to beat back the so-called Islamic state.

Refugee crisis
Sweden's tough new residency laws begin
Protesters outside the Riksdag on the day the laws were approved. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

Asylum seekers in Sweden are now granted the minimum level of rights the EU requires of member states.

Why Swedes support EU more after Brexit vote
The EU flag outside Stockholm's city hall. Photo: Emma Löfgren/The Local

Support for the EU is growing in Sweden in the aftermath of the Brexit vote.

Sweden set to double anti-Isis troops in Iraq
Kurdish troops in Iraq. Photo: AP Photo/Alice Martins

Sweden is expected to double its number of soldiers in Iraq on the request of the US-led coalition fighting Isis militants in the Middle East.

Sweden warns of difficult EU challenge for Theresa May
British prime minister in waiting Theresa May. Photo: Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP/TT

May's Swedish counterpart told The Local that withdrawal from the European Union will be a difficult task for the UK's prime minister in waiting.

Sweden's state watchdog rocked by cronyism claim
The Riksrevisionen offices in Stockholm. Photo: Ola Torkelsson/TT

Politicians, an anti-corruption campaign group and a union have all criticized Sweden's state auditor after a newspaper revealed details of alleged cronyism within the agency.

Watch this hilarious Swedish take on Brexit
A screenshot from the video. Photo: Schack på Schemat

A Swedish comedy group has published a video showing a rather unusual take on the aftermath of the Brexit referendum... and British regional stereotypes.

Russia slams Swedish military 'propaganda'
A Russian military parade earlier this year. Photo: AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin

Russia has accused Sweden of spreading negative propaganda.

The Local List – Almedalen
Five reasons why Sweden's Almedalen is like Survivor
A Christian Democrat representative crowdsurfing at Almedalen. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

Struggling to understand what Sweden's Almedalen Week is? The Local's Lee Roden explains why it's basically a political version of reality TV show Survivor.

How to calm down: get off Facebook and start talking
Calm down, guys. Like this man in Almedalen. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

In a world that's suffering a political nervous breakdown, getting off Facebook and arguing face-to-face could be the best way to calm us all down, argues The Local's managing editor James Savage.

Swedish nationalists' solution for suburbs? Folk dancers
Would it look something like this? Photo: Hasse Holmberg/TT

Could folk dancing help stem unrest in Sweden's troubled suburbs?

'Sweden will be a Nato member in ten years'
Is Sweden moving closer to Nato? Photo: Yvonne Åsell/SvD/TT

Sweden will join Nato in less than ten years, its former foreign and prime minister Carl Bildt has predicted.

Swedish PM promises to tackle segregation
Löfven speaking at the annual Almedalen politics meet-up. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

Stefan Löfven unveiled a new government programme at Almedalen designed to tackle segregation, which he warned could fracture Sweden if not dealt with.

Sweden: A divided EU is to Russia's advantage
Gunnar Karlson, the head of Sweden's main foreign intelligence agency. Photo: Janerik Henriksson/TT

Does Brexit favour Russia's interests? Top Swedish defence officials seem to think so.

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