'A question of education': What Rinkeby residents think about the riots

After Rinkeby in Stockholm made global headlines following a riot earlier this week, The Local went to the suburb to find out what residents think.


Everything you need to get through Swedish winter

Back home you always know what to buy to address common winter ailments. But how do you know what to buy abroad? We asked Sweden's largest pharmacy chain for help.


Stockholm stock market climbs to record high

The Stockholm stock exchange notched up a new all-time high on Wednesday morning.


How US expats can avoid tax trouble in 2017

Don't let inaction or ignorance about your US tax obligations ruin the New Year.


Analysis: Why Trump's false claims are bad news for Sweden

Donald Trump targeted Sweden and then things got even weirder. The Local Sweden's editor takes a closer look at the story dominating the news in Sweden.


‘Become who you want to be': one degree, three countries

Paris, Madrid, Berlin... For internationally-minded students, it can be tough to choose where to attend university. But at ESCP Europe – one of the top business schools in the world – you don't have to.


More dads taking paternity leave

The number of fathers taking advantage of Sweden's generous parental leave benefits is slowly rising, according to new statistics.


8 sustainable (Swedish!) ways to reinvent your living room

Who says giving your home a new look needs to be a costly endeavour?


Why you need a EuroBonus American Express Card

There are a lot of airlines out there – and a plethora of loyalty programmes. They all promise a dozen benefits – but also an awful lot of fine print. How often do you actually understand the system well enough to take advantage of the perks?


Swedes should take sex breaks at work, says politician. Sorry, but would that be before or after fika?

Not only are they known for the office fika breaks and generous parental leave, now Swedes in a town in northern Sweden could be offered the chance to have sex during work hours – without losing any pay.


Eight things to love about renting in Sweden

A housing crisis means that short-term sublets are the norm in major cities and rent regulation rules are frequently flouted. But this week, The Local has decided to look on the bright side of renting an apartment in Sweden.

The best ways to send money abroad: a quick guide

Need to send money to family or friends overseas? Have funds in foreign accounts you need to access in your new home? Sending money abroad may be cheaper and faster than you might think.


Why you should lose your shoes like a Swede

Should we all follow in the shoeless footsteps of Swedes and take our shoes off indoors, asks Gothenburg-based English teacher David Ashby.

Top 10 Stockholm tech startup stories of 2016

Another year may have come and gone, but it certainly left its mark! Here are the top 10 developments from the Stockholm tech scene in 2016.


Becoming an expat: where to start

Making the decision to move abroad isn't something to be taken lightly. There's plenty of boxes to be ticked, forms to be filled out, and general planning to be done. But where do you actually start?


Recipe: How to make liquorice ice cream

Swedes love all sweets and one of their favourites is liquorice. Grab your sunglasses, pretend it's spring and enjoy this liquorice ice cream, courtesy of food writer John Duxbury.

The EU is profiting from Trump: Swedish EU Commissioner

The United States' new hostility to free trade deals under President Donald Trump is benefiting the European Union, the bloc's top trade official said Tuesday.

96 percent of movies on Netflix directed by men: Swedish study

It's 'high time' Netflix featured more films by women, according to the authors of a Swedish study on the streaming platform's content.


Genital herpes in pregnancy doubles autism risk: study

Women who are infected with genital herpes early in their pregnancy may face twice the risk of bearing a child with autism, a team of US and Norwegian researchers said Wednesday.



Is it a good idea to paint your apartment white?'s Amanda Strömberg asks two experts about what you should think about if you want to paint your entire home white.


Sweden mulls universal chickenpox vaccinations for children

Sweden is considering introducing a universal vaccination programme against chickenpox, which would make such vaccinations free for toddlers.