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What does a one-room apartment in the capital of Swedish singles look like? You're about to find out - take a peek at the property of the week.
Ever wanted to live in a loft-like apartment on the hip district of Södermalm, with a view like something out of a colourful children's book? Check out The Local's Property of the Week.
Hunting season is approaching - but why rent a log cabin by the lake when you can own one?
All aboard! We're off to the island of Gotland for our Property of the Week - a home right in the heart of Medieval Visby. Whether you're looking to buy or dying to look - this is the place for you.
Why settle for owning a house when you can own part of the island it is located on? This week's property allows you to get your money's worth of solitude while spending some time with your closest neighbour - the sea.
Ever wanted to practice your serve on your own private tennis court, or perhaps you need somewhere to park that yacht of yours? If so, then this week's property is for you.
Looking for a house that looks like something from The Secret Garden, with decor reminiscent of The Great Gatsby? Your dreams may just collide in this week's glorious property.
UPDATED: Sweden's Prime Minister said on Thursday that his party was planning to build an extra 20,000 flats for students. But it all might be too little too late, one expert told The Local.
Can't decide between nature views and city life? You don't have to. This property in Nacka offers it all.
Stockholm's housing crunch could be solved in ten years, a new report from a crisis housing committee has suggested, in a move that would promise tens of thousands of new homes and jobs.