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Inspiration: 8 of Sweden's most colourful homes
Are you getting tired of all the monochrome interiors in Sweden? Amanda Strömberg checks out eight refreshing homes drenched in colour.

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They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home - and that's especially true in Sweden, where interest in food and cooking has never been greater, writes Amanda Strömberg.
Swedes are crazy about interior design – even the kids have incredible rooms! Are you expecting a baby and in need of some interior inspiration for the nursery? Amanda Strömberg presents the most-liked Swedish children's rooms from houzz.se.
House prices only edged up slightly across Europe last year, but Swedes experienced a massive jump in the cost of buying a new home.
Housing prices are once again rising in Sweden, with more and more homes being put up for sale, according to fresh statistics.
What do you do if you need more space and you've got 104.5 million kronor ($12.4m) burning a hole in your pocket? You snap up Sweden's most expensive apartment in history.
What's the first thing you do after snapping up a luxury six million kronor ($704,000) villa in Sweden, with sea views, two kitchens and a fireplace? If you're Hugh Grant: you raze it to the ground.
Property prices in Sweden may have doubled over the last 10 years, but there are still opportunities to get a real bargain in the countryside. Dennis Toth tells The Local how he renovated an old church he bought for just one Swedish krona.
Living on a boat in Stockholm used to be the preserve of the rich. But as the city's housing crisis swells, could more affordable floating accommodation help provide a solution to the shortage? The Local investigates.