Is it a good idea to paint your apartment white?'s Amanda Strömberg asks two experts about what you should think about if you want to paint your entire home white.

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Price range (SEK)'s Cajsa Carlson rounds up their 30 most-saved images of Swedish homes from 2016.'s Martina Strand looks inside the renovation of a Stockholm penthouse with a weighty history.'s Siobhan Lam shares her best tips for breathing fresh Christmas spirit into your home.
Having a common design theme throughout your home creates a peaceful and unified sense. Decorator Felicia Björklund shares her best advice on behalf of
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Malmö's 'Hållbarheten' building may have been created as a research project for a major energy company, but its stunning architecture and heated pool make it a home many would dream of living in regardless, writes's Alehke Gunnarsson.
Designing and building a home on Swedish holiday island Gotland is a dream for many, but Anna-Lena Palmgren and Johan Rosengren did exactly that.’s Meta Regebro takes a look inside their amazing creation.