Birthday cake blues

The number of people suffering from stomach problems and fever after eating cakes from a Frölunda patisserie has risen to over 150. Dagens Nyheter quoted Gothenburg's environmental inspector, Liselott Lönn: "It's going up all the time."

The story earned considerably more space in Friday’s Göteborgs Posten, which reveals that the offending virus has been transmitted in Tosca tarts, fruit tarts and pastries.

If you are one of the afflicted, GP’s advice from Maria Holm, of the local authority’s food department, might be useful: “Make sure you wash your hands carefully, use different towels from the rest of your family and keep the bathroom clean.” She also suggested that once the symptoms disappear you wait a couple of days before going out.

But a touch of diarrhoea is nothing compared to thirty years of business going down the toilet. “This is a bad day for us,” said the patisserie’s owner, Bengt Arnes, who was at home celebrating his 60th birthday. “And it’s especially tough that it had to happen today.”