Spring puts bounce back into Swedes

The papers all agreed on one thing this week: spring is upon us. Svenska Dagbladet reported on the Stockholmers charging "like lemmings over Skeppsholm bridge," while Göteborgs Posten was with the boat owners at Torslanda marina, "longing to get back to sea" and enjoying "the charm of renovation and preparation."

Aftonbladet offered congratulations to anyone planning to spend the summer in Sweden. In an EXCLUSIVE! with Wolfgang Röder, an expert in long term weather predictions, the paper informed its readers that although “the first half of June will be cold and bleak, July and the first half of August will be hot and sunny.”

Unsurprisingly, Röder refused to be drawn into specifics: “I can’t promise a warm midsummer though.”

It took a curmudgeonly DN to bring us back down to earth. “The ground is thawing,” began its commentary promisingly. “But unfortunately so are the bags of dog shit, the flashers, the peeping toms and the gropers.”

There’s no pleasing some people.