Swedish men expose themselves

If you are dissatisfied with your stomach, think there's too much talk about equality these days, and want to have sex more often, you're probably a Swedish man.

In an attempt to define “what it means to be a man today” Aftonbladet surveyed 30,000 men on their attitudes towards work, family and, of course, sex. While 40% said they live with their dream woman (or man), 49% said they would like more bedroom action.

But the men themselves are not entirely blameless in that department: 30% of those questioned admitted that their worst characteristic as a partner was that they are lazy.

Lars Jalmert, a research fellow at Stockholm University, tried (manfully) to bring some sense to proceedings.

Commenting on the fact that the majority of respondents said the most important things in their lives are love and their families, he suggested that the social security benefits for parents introduced in the mid-1970s have led to Swedish men being more sensitive than men in other countries.

But he believes that ‘the Swedish man’ tends to be a herd beast. “When ten men are in a group and someone cracks a sexist joke, everyone laughs,” he said. “But later, eight of them think they ought to have complained.”

Aftonbladet concluded that “to be a young man today is confusing”. Particularly for the 20% who said they pretend to be feminists.

Sexual politics aside, Swedish men are still able to produce – with the help of Swedish women – a rising birth rate in Stockholm, according to Svenska Dagbladet. Last year 10,792 children were born in the capital, a 4% increase on the year before.