Film turn-off – TV turned off

One of the most talked-about Swedish films of the year, The Language of Love, opened last weekend after months of 'did they or didn't they?' speculation about its explicit sex scenes and interviews with its star, Regina Lund, banging on about what an important film it would be.

Not that important at all, as it turned out: despite all the fuss, only 822 people in the whole country bothered to go and see it.

“A film about love is a lot bloody better than all this constant violence,” huffed Lund to Expressen after seeing the viewing figures. And no film at all is a lot bloody better than a bad film about love, if The Local may be so bold as to offer an opinion.

Perhaps Lund will be comforted by news that Swedish Television is experiencing something of an audience crisis itself at the moment. Its big Saturday evening show, ‘Megadrome’, managed to lose half its viewers in two weeks.

And while the first episode of ‘Between Women’, a sitcom, attracted a perfectly respectable 1.9 million viewers, by its third episode last Sunday this had fallen to 390,000.

The show’s lead actress, Petra Nielsen, who is more used to playing to packed theatres on Broadway, said, “It is what it is. If people want to watch Bingolotto, good luck to them.”

Any more of that and she’ll be able to have her entire audience come round to watch the show in her living room.