Mijailovic appeals against life sentence

The life sentence handed down to Mijail Mijailovic in March for the murder of Anna Lindh was thought by most people to have brought the whole tragic story to a close.

But on Tuesday Mijailovic’s lawyer, Peter Althin, filed an appeal on the grounds that his client was mentally disturbed when he attacked the foreign minister and had not intended to kill her. Althin also requested further psychiatric tests.

Naturally there was much speculation in the press about Mijailovic’s chances of getting the verdict reduced from murder to manslaughter.

“Nonexistent,” said lawyer Leif Silbersky in Aftonbladet. “The extreme brutality with which he stabbed Anna Lindh cannot be disregarded.”

Another lawyer, Per Samuelsson, agreed: “The assault was of such a nature that I can see no extenuating circumstances.”

The appeal court is expected to deal with the case within the next five weeks but nobody anticipates that the process will reveal a motive.

“He says his motive was that he was controlled by the voices in his head,” said Silbersky. “If he says anything else now, then any credibility he has – and that’s not much – will disappear.”

While all the papers agreed that the appeal process was going to be emotionally difficult for Anna Lindh’s family, Svenska Dagbladet reported that Kerstin Wennersten, the lawyer representing them, was herself filing an appeal – against the level of compensation the children received following their mother’s death.

Each of the two children was awarded the standard SEK50,000 for psychological trauma after the murder of a family member. But Wennersten demanded SEK100,000 each, claiming that the attention that the case has received will make it far harder for the children to come to terms with what happened.

Wennersten also pointed out that the 35-year old who was initially arrested for Anna Lindh’s murder was awarded SEK150,000 compensation on his release.


Almedalen knife attacker linked to Swedish neo-Nazi groups: reports

The man behind the knife attack at Sweden's Almedalen political festival has been active in the militant neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement, Swedish media have reported.

Almedalen knife attacker linked to Swedish neo-Nazi groups: reports

He has taken part in several neo-Nazi demonstrations over the past few years and has also expressed support for the extreme right Alternative for Sweden party on social media, the Expressen newspaper reported.

The Moderate MP Hanif Bali said on Twitter after the news came out that the stabbing was “a terror attack”. “This is nothing other than a terror attack”. 

The man stabbed a woman in the upper body at the Donners plats square only a minute’s walk from the stage where all eight of Sweden’s parliamentary party leaders are making speeches this week at the Almedalen political festival. The women is being treated for severe injuries at the Visby Lasarett hospital. 

The 30-something attacker fled the scene but was stopped and arrested by Lars Reuterberg, a 69-year-old pensioner. 

Reuterberg told the TT newswire that he had heard someone shout “stop him!” and then seen a man jump over a fence from the corner restaurant. 

“I thought he’d nicked a bag or something, and my spontaneous reaction was ‘I should take him down’. He wasn’t such a big guy, certainly no bodybuilder, so I tried to look a little uninterested, but when he came near me he ended up on the end of mighty great shove.” 

The man flew into a door and then just lay here. “It was only then I saw that he had a knife, which I hadn’t known earlier, because then I might have acted differently,” he said. 

“I’m livid now,” he went on. “This is the world’s most unique political week, a people’s festival where you can meet politicians and celebrities and everyone says ‘hi’, where there are journalists and everything. And this nutter goes and wrecks it all.” 

“I’m quite proud of myself,” he admitted. “I was never afraid. I’m afraid now for the woman who got stabbed.”