In the long and distinguished history of innuendo, there can scarcely have been a better opportunity to make an 'organ' joke. For last week, pornographic images were found on a computer belonging to the Swedish Church. The files were saved in personal folders belonging to the church caretaker and the organ player in a small parish in northern Sweden. Aftonbladet on Sunday reported that parish members are disturbed and shocked at the news. It is possible that an unauthorised user gained access to the computer as "it was used collectively by different church officials".

Summer for young music lovers means peace and love in the name of Hultsfred – Sweden’s number one music festival. This year’s bash passed off with reports of 272 criminal offences and six arrests, including one suspected rape attack, according to DN on Sunday. Although drugs weren’t a major problem the police “suspected 40 were in possession of cannabis” and said they are increasingly worried about a new drug called ‘GHB’. A couple of youths were rushed to hospital with symptoms of drug poisoning but policed classed the event as “a quiet affair”. Rock and roll.

And summer for cyclists means walking. In the Stockholm region alone around 3000 bikes are stolen every summer, and only 800 of these are found by the police. Only a quarter of these are returned to their rightful owners but if you’re thinking of buying a lock, you might as well just save your cash for your next bike. “Once a thief has decided to steal a bike it doesn’t matter which type of lock you put on it”, said Hasse Olsson of Stockholm Police.

It might just be easier to take the bus. But if you’re waiting for Stockholm’s trusty old number 46 you’ll be waiting a long time because it has changed its number and colour, as reported by all of the city’s morning papers on Monday. Running solely on biological gas, it’s now the number 2 and, like anyone who’s spent too long on a winter’s evening waiting for the 46, it has turned blue.

SvD reported on Friday that a couple have been jailed for using false prescriptions for HIV medication. 2.1 million crowns’ worth of medication was stolen by the couple and a 44-year-old woman has been sentenced to two years and four months in prison, while a 34-year-old Ugandan man will spend one year and six months behind bars. The police have revealed that 110 prescriptions were used at 16 different chemists and that the man returned to Uganda to sell the goods.

A merger between Sahlgrenska Hospital in Gothenburg and Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm is in the pipeline which, according to Friday’s DN, may mean that patients have to travel to either Stockholm or Gothenburg for specific treatment. This is denied by Richard Jeppson at Karolinska, who said: “This is only a proposal looking at certain departments that may be able to co-operate in research, education and care. But whether this will work in practice is another question”.

In a hamfisted attempt to prevent paedophiles or sexual offenders from getting close to children, a nursery in Gothenburg has said that it will only accept children whose parents do not have a criminal record. Simon Jernel, education official at the Department of Eduation, says the demand to “screen” parents – as well as paid staff – is illegal. So staff will soon be looking to send their own children elsewhere.

A few weeks ago Scandinavian Airlines caused a rumpus when they announced that they would only be using two pilots on their transatlantic flights, rather than three. “What if they both fall asleep?” wondered worried travellers. Well, worry no more – SAS has now installed cockpit alarm clocks on some of its aircraft. But nobody could accuse SAS of shirking its safety responsibilities to cut costs – each clock costs a whopping 67 crowns.