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Soul-searching youths in Sweden can rest assured that if God cannot give them an answer, then there's now a confirmation alternative that does not involve God or the Swedish Church, according to Friday's SvD. Thanks to Viskdalens Residential College for Adult Education, near Borås, God-dodgers can now indulge in "humanist confirmations".

Pelle Karlsson, administrator and organiser of the scheme, said: “The church does not have monopoly on confirmations. The word confirmation means that you acknowledge something. If the Christian confirmation is to acknowledge baptism, then the humanist confirmation acknowledges the individual”.

But Carl-Gustav Antonsson, the local Priest in Borås parish, firmly believes people associate confirmation with the church.

“If you believe humanist confirmations are just as valid, you’ve been given incorrect consumer advice,” he said.

A widely-used anti-psychotic drug has been classified as dangerous and potentially life threatening. SvD reported that Mallarol is to be taken off the market in Sweden as it can cause side effects such as heart failure and other heart-related problems.

Approximately one million daily doses were prescribed last year, and around 3000 people are treated with the drug. The drug has been in use since the 60’s and at first it was commonly used for minor conditions, such as anxiety and insomnia – not purely anti-psychotic relief. No need to get angry though – it has been confirmed that Mallarol can be replaced by other drugs already on the market.

A 54-year-old man installed under-floor heating and was electrocuted in the shower, as reported by Aftonbladet on Tuesday. The man from the Gothenburg region was renovating his house during his spare time and had decided to do most of the work himself. But apparently there were 230 volts of electricity between the floor and the shower unit and the man died immediately. His partner found him on the floor in the bathroom.

Lars Hansson, Director of the Electricity Safeguard Group, said, “All under-floor heating is on 230 volts. It can be very dangerous and you should always use a professional electrician.”

One thing more life-threatening than being a chain smoker is apparently being a train smoker – according to DN on Tuesday. A man who was travelling between Västerås and Gothenburg left his 10-year-old daughter on the train to nip out for a cigarette while the train stopped in Hallsberg. While he was still on the platform the train started moving and the man panicked, and flung himself at the back of the train. He was hanging on for dear life on the outside of the last carriage, clinging on for about fifteen to twenty minutes. The train was travelling at a speed of 160 kilometres an hour.

“He must have had some sort of blackout to be able to do this”, said Kajsa Moström, the press officer at Swedish Rail. An investigation has been launched by Swedish Rail’s security department, which will review departure routines and check points.

Swedes are becoming increasingly offended by sexist advertising. The Ethical Justice Department has reported that last year there were 357 complaints about ads using images of scantily-clad women. Linda Fagerström, a researcher at University of Lund, said people are finally becoming aware of the fact that you actually can report these things.

“More and more consumer goods are advertised with pictures of naked women”, says Fagerström and the Department of Ethical Justice is concerned about stereotyping. The Gillette Group, amongst others, has been targeted regarding a mother-and-baby ad and the Ethical Justice department is questioning the father’s role in the picture.

Speaking of which, SvD revealed on Monday that married people who have had a sex change must get divorced. It is illegal to be a married same-sex couple in Sweden and Erica Zander, who had an operation three years ago, said to Swedish Radio that “married gender-changers are forced into an impossible situation”. It is like “dying emotionally”. The Justice Department is examining a “gender neutral” alternative that can be used in marriage legislation.