Slim risk

Slimming products sold on the internet by three Swedish companies could be dangerous and even life-threatening.

Tuesday’s DN reported certain products may contain poisonous substances such as Amphetamine and Ephedrine. One such product is Lepigen, which contains such a high amount of Ephedrine that it is classified as heavy narcotics. The Swedish Institute of Medicine has reported three Swedish Internet medical companies to the police.

The Institute claims that some makers of “natural remedies” try to lure people in to buying the product by promoting the way it “burns fat and gets rid of hunger”. Products containing Ephedrine are sometimes sold as ” natural pick-me-ups” to cure tiredness and sluggishness.

This kind of medication can be potentially dangerous to the heart and may have side effects on the nervous system.

“A significant amount of deaths have been caused by these products”, said Björn Beerman, Professor at the Institute of Medicine.