Down on the farm

A depressed farmer in Vårgårda set fire to his own farm last Saturday night after a row with his wife, according to Expressen. The 42 year old man then climbed into his tractor and ploughed down everything he could find - including the fire engine that had been called to put the fire out.

The property was worth 3 million crowns, and most of the land belonged to his wife. The trouble began after a disagreement between the couple while they were at a party. The man was said to be in a drunken rage when he decided to drive back to his farm, where his mother was baby-sitting his children.

He asked his mother to take the children and leave the property, as “he didn’t know what he might do”.

The main wooden house was burnt to the ground and there is apparently very little left of the garages and two outhouses. Two cars, including the man’s own company car, were also damaged in the process.

“I just felt like everything was over, like she didn’t love me anymore. Everything just shut down inside my head”, said the man.

The people who arrived at the farm to try to calm him down had to rush out of the way as he charged across the farm in his tractor. The man has been charged with attempted arson, severe damage to property and attempted battery.

He has pleaded guilty to most of the incidents.