Treason under the sun?

You might think that avoiding the attentions of the paparazzi would give the Swedish royals enough to contend with, but it appears that criminal sorts are also determined to ruin the peace of their summer holidays.

Tuesday’s Expressen reported that Crown Princess Victoria and her boyfriend, Daniel Westling, were sleeping in the boathouse at the royals’ summer palace at Solliden, on the island of Öland, when intruders entered the grounds.

Expressen’s “source” claimed that the intruders set off an alarm after entering the grounds by the seafront, and made it right up to the boathouse. Police, however, were quick to play down fears of treasonous activity, saying that the alarm had been set off by accident.

Palace spokeswoman Elizabeth Tarras-Wahlberg denied that the secret service had made arrests.

However, if undesirables had managed to penetrate the palace walls, they may have got more than they bargained for. Expressen reported that the royals are better protected this summer than ever before, with twelve secret service agents accompanying them at Solliden.

The paper says that Crown Princess Victoria’s security has been stepped up since the murder of Anna Lindh, and Princess Madeleine has recently acquired a bodyguard for the first time, since a threat to her was identified earlier this year.

This leaves Prince Carl Philip as the only senior member of the Bernadotte clan without protection.