Good clean fun

The Swedes are not known for letting for their hair down, which may be why when they have a go it sometimes comes out all wrong.

Saturday’s Aftonbladet reported on the mysterious case of the disappearing soap from the temporary toilet facilities at the Östersjö festival. After only one night, the soap dispensers in the 65 loos were more or less empty.

Anders Persson, chief executive of the hire company responsible for the hygiene arrangements, wasn’t born yesterday. “I guessed what was going on because the soap usually lasts a month.”

The highly sought after soap contains no less than 62% alcohol and it seems the kids had concocted a fragrant, but potent cocktail of soap and Red Bull, the popular energy drink.

Persson immediately ordered his staff to stop refilling the dispensers, although the measure did not come in time to prevent a 14 year old being taken to hospital with acute alcohol poisoning.

Another dubious prank, which seemed like a good idea at the time, was reported in Tuesday’s Aftonbladet.

Jack Kilström, 27, and five friends were determined to give Peter Olausson a stag night to remember.

“We thought we’d kidnap Peter,” he said. The five pulled up in a minibus next to the staff entrance of a shopping centre in Västerås and proceeded to don ski masks.

Several passers-by spotted them hiding in the vehicle, with the masks on, as a security van drove up to the shopping centre on the other side. Staff notified police, who responded immediately with full force.

When they arrived on the scene, officers ordered Jack and his friends out of the mini-bus and told them to lie on the ground. “We were maybe on the ground twenty minutes, but it felt like an eternity,” he said.

Fortunately, at that point, the groom-to-be turned up and managed to convince the police that they weren’t a gang of bank robbers. The lads all went on to have an extremely pleasant time parachute jumping, eating, drinking and enjoying health and beauty treatments – and the best man had an unusually good yarn to tell in his speech.