SMHI gloomy over forecasting record

If, during this long, cool, damp summer, you've had the feeling that a fine spell has always seemed to be promised but never quite materialised, it may not have been your imagination.

Metro conducted a survey of weather forecasts issued by SMHI, the Swedish meteorological office, and found that a startling 92 out of 93 were incorrect. Five day forecasts promising high pressure conditions usually turned into low pressure and rain. They were right on 26th July when they correctly forecast rain.

Wednesday’s GP reports that SMHI are ‘mildly amused’ by the survey. Weatherman Sune Samuelsson said that five day forecasts were a bit of a lottery anyway, particularly in the summer, when weather conditions can vary drastically over a distance of just a few kilometres. What’s more, this year’s low pressure systems have been particularly capricious.

According to SMHI’s own figures, they’ve been correct an above average 65% of the time on the tricky fifth day of a forecast in terms of temperature, and 45% of the time in terms of precipitation.

Asked whether wages would be cut as a result of their performance this summer, Samuelsson was quick to shift the blame:

“No, if anyone suffers it should be the computers. They’re the ones who do the work.”