No more shelf space

The largest distributor of magazines in Sweden, Tidsam, has decided to stop carrying any new titles until further notice.

As the market splits into smaller and smaller niches, magazines have been crowding a growing section of almost every little snack shop in Sweden. Tidsam has decided that shopkeepers can’t handle any more titles and its stocklist won’t be expanding.

Mass media researcher Helene Hafstrand told Sydsvenskan this week that the growing number of magazines is just part of a larger trend in consumption.

“Broad is out. In the 60s we had one TV channel for all, big family magazines and shops that sold everything. Now we have dozens of TV channels, can read “Caravan Digest” and shop in the mall’s special boutiques.”

It seems that television has been edging magazines out of the limelight in Sweden for a while now; of the five hours and fifteen minutes your average Swede spends consuming media each day, magazines are awarded only a paltry fifteen minutes. Niche media fans be warned; find someone with good postal access overseas now in anticipation of future glossy desires.