Royal summer over

The buses are back to normal, the tan's starting to peel, the nights are drawing in. But for anyone still hanging in there for one last summer hurrah, Wednesday's Expressen brought a bitter dose of reality.

“The holiday is over,” declared the paper solemnly. “Yesterday it was time for Crown Princess Victoria to get back to work.”

Indeed, the weeks of paparazzi-dodging in the royal family’s summer idyll, Solliden, are but a fading memory for the young woman who carries the burdens of the nation on her shoulders and its love of leisure in her heart.

While time stands still on Solliden, the affairs of state march on and Victoria, as is her birth-responsibility, must march with them. Tuesday saw her back in her marching boots, awarding the Stockholm Junior Water Prize in the capital’s Dansens Hus.

The youngsters – who had all produced particularly accomplished water-related projects – were impressed with the Crown Princess.

“She was really nice,” one of them, Chioma Maryann Agbasi, told Expressen. “She said she liked my dress.”

And while the first in line to the throne was doing her duty, the second in line was doing hers – “dancing, clapping and singing” her way into the VIP lounge at the exclusive Gyllene Tider end-of-tour party.

Princess Madeleine and her boyfriend Jonas Bergström “kissed openly”, according to Expressen and word is she was even seen cheekily pinching him on the bottom.

After a brief chat with the sunburnt princess, Gyllene Tider frontman Per Gessle apparently told anyone who’d listen that she enjoyed the show.

“She thought it was a good concert, and so did all the others she was here with,” he emphasised. “Now they’re all going to buy the karaoke version of our record.”